Spiritual Alchemy with Intuitive Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 67 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

May, 17th 2017

Have you ever been so aware of all the beautiful synchronicities occurring in your life? Have you ever felt the Intense electrical charges occurring within and without? Sometimes life can be so Incredibly Magical. One moment you’re led to read a book, led to make a life change, and suddenly You can SEE and FEEL the immense Aliveness and Connection that is grander than you were able to perceive before.

This is what my life feels like Most of the time, and it’s definitely the state of Energy occurring for me Now. Recently, I was guided – one could even say “pushed” – to leave a job not truly suited for my soul, and with that choice, many other magical events began to occur. I was guided to find the life changing book: “The Gene Keys” by Richard Rudd. I may have to write an entire blog just on the magic of this Amazing book!

Months prior, I had been guided to get the book by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion, “The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & The Sex Magic of Isis” – a book I would not read for months, and a book that I’m Now reading and practicing with. It is an emotional book that instantly activated Intense past life memories, emotions, and knowing, as well as great Magic!

Time, for me, doesn’t feel linear anymore. It ebbs and flows in seemingly random patterns. Even writing this for you all today is tricky, as there is so much to express, and yet I’m struggling to find human words that will do this great mystery justice. I shall do my best to allow each of you to FEEL the magic Within, as you open Yourselves to receive. 

As I mentioned, I was guided to the Incredible book by Richard Rudd, “The Gene Keys.” I immediately opened to the 14th Gene Key. Whose shadow is Compromise, Gift is Competence, and Siddhi is Bounteousness. The message of this particular Gene Key was Spot On for my current life situation. I had literally left a job I Loved only days prior because my soul refused to compromise. And here I was, reading on the very importance of that choice?! WOW.

This Gene Key led me to read the 55th Gene Key (I often do not read in order of chapters, but rather allow myself to be guided intuively. Very helpful)

The 55th Gene Key:  Shadow is Victimization, Gift is Freedom, and Siddhi is Freedom. Both of these Gene Keys are associated with the Solar Plexus. How fitting, as I have had many stomach issues occuring over the past few months, hmmmm? As a healer, I quickly connect the dots concerning body, mind, and soul. How exciting to be given deeper wisdom and understanding, and how timely!

So now allow me to take a quantum leap forward to this week. On Friday, I woke up not feeling like myself. I felt drained. I felt the only priority was BEING, and I had little energy for doing anything. I laid around all day in Meditation, often slipping off into sleep. I knew I was okay deep within, however, the ego part of me was a bit concerned about all the things I could not currently Do. I had to comfort ego Tawnya and ensure her All is Well. Relax, Let Go, allow yourself to receive and restore. 

So this has gone on for almost a week. I’ve been able to go on slow, calm walks outdoors with my Beloved Honey Girl pup, and I’ve had lots of physical time to BE. I’ve allowed myself to fully embrace this time for BEING Without any guilt or shame. To be honest, it’s been rather nice. 

I’ve learned on my sensitive empathic journey that Deep BEING time is Incredibly Important for my Soul, my health, and my happiness. It’s also Incredibly Important in strengthening my gifts. During this deep listening and allowing, I can FEEL myself receiving and integrating New Energy, Wisdom, and Understanding. This deep Listening is vital.

Now, moving to “The Magdalen Manuscript.” I began reading this manuscript to my Beloved a few days ago, during my deep BEING time. As soon as I began reading this channeled message from Mary Magdalen, I started to cry. I observed my beloved crying. This information struck us at our deepest cellular memory. Like with the Gene Keys, I felt I knew this information already, intimately so. I allowed the emotions to surface, and I shed any weight I had been previously carrying. I felt a Release, and Relief. 

In this channeled message, Mary Magdalen shares her wisdom on the Sex Magic of Isis. As an initiate of Isis, she and Yeshua had practiced this sex magic in order to strengthen their KA bodies or Light bodies. Yeshua in particular had an intention to pass through the death portal, not just for himself, but as a Wayshower for all of Humanity. I’ll allow those who FEEL the inner Calling to go and find this book to understand this Wisdom deeper. 

As I read these pages, a gift from Mary Magdalen, the tears flowed as I deeply understood her words and direction. These practices she shared and the imagery I have seen for many years in my inner vision during my own Meditations, as well as during the very Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions I Support my beautiful clients with – they were the same. I knew This Wisdom intimately, and this manuscript was offering Amazing confirmation.

My beloved and I have since been practicing very consciously together this Sex Magic of Isis. And yes, one can practice this inner Alchemy by themselves Without a Beloved, and I encourage You to explore this wisdom if you’re​ feeling guided. To practice this Magical Alchemy with a partner, one must practice with one’s Beloved. This Alchemy will only work when there is a deep appreciation, Love, and Honor of one other. Deep Adoration and Love is essential in this practice between Beloveds. A female in particular must FEEL safe, supported, and Free to let go fully. When she feels that freedom, true magic occurs that benefits both partners.

My beloved and I have been practicing together, and I have also been visualizing this Alchemy during my deep BEING time during Meditation. As one activates the sleeping serpents at the base of the spine and allows this RA Energy to rise, great inner shifts begin to occur. 

Last night, as my Beloved was reading to me and guiding me into this meditative state, I saw and felt these serpents rising. The left Black serpent of the moon rising in sync with the right masculine golden serpent of the sun, known as the pathway of the Two Serpents. I felt this energy flowing up through all my Chakras and into my crown, Uniting at my pineal gland. I visualized the inner chalice opening to receive the two powerful energies of the feminine magnetic and the masculine electric. Once this inner shift occured, I felt this intense Energy moving through my entire being. I felt a bit of Egoic fear trying to grasp for control. I observed this, and allowed the Energies to continue Uniting. I felt a little wave of nausea that soon passed, and then I went deep, deep into the Experience, deep into sleep. 

This dream I’m about to share was more than a dream. It was an incredible and powerful experience that I moved through after consciously practicing The Sex Magic of Isis. 

As a note: The afternoon before this Alchemy Practice and dream/experience, I drew the cards below and had instant knowing that I was truly tapping into something Incredible. I have always felt a strong connection with Isis and Egypt, even as a child, as well as a strong knowing of my lifetime with Yeshua. There have been many many synchronicities along this life’s journey, guiding me here to fully remember. What a ride! Here are the cards I drew hours before this dream I’m about to share. Do with this Wisdom what your heart guides if you. 

I knew I’d be receiving some insight in regards to an important past life. Indeed I have!

My dream/experience: 

I had a very vivid Clearing the Darkness dream/experience. I remember chanting a mantra/spell over these humans that had caused me great pain in the past. “Darkness BE Gone, Darkness take flight, Darkness return to the dead of the night.” I was at this cluster of buildings in Peru, at a place a dear friend/soul sister had told me about, near the ancient ruins. I recall seeing the mountains with thick clouds of mist. I saw the pyramids, and said out loud: “I must go to see the Pyramids.”

There, I recalled and reclaimed All of my Power, my light, my soul’s Divinity and Potential. I broke contract with any victimization I had once identified with. I recall as if observing my full lifetimes in review, and I saw how I had “played” the victim at times – many times. I laughed and said, “Wow, I was totally playing the victim then, wasn’t I?” I was Awake, fully Conscious, Fully Present. Zero victimization remaining.

I released all fear and victim Consciousness. I felt my Light return instantly and Powerfully! 

I recall climbing this wooden staircase in a hotel down below the sacred ruins, up to the 5th floor. At the 3rd floor, I was stuck, and almost turned back because the way seemed blocked to me. A woman who worked there walked past me. I saw her push the banister outward, and it opened up a small enough area to pass through. I laughed and said, “WOW that’s pretty sneaky, I didn’t even think about pushing the banister out!” The woman smiled and said, “Come on Through, you can make it!” 

I walked up and passed through, and arrived on the 5th floor. That’s when I saw these humans from my past all sitting at a table. I immediately felt the darkness, heaviness, and hate surrounding them, and I immediately knew what I was there to do.

I walked over and stood right in front of one of the men first, placed my right finger on his third eye, and began the chant to clear the darkness. I then went to the young girl, and when I got to the last woman, she literally hissed at me like a snake. I could FEEL that yucky gross energy I used to FEEL whenever she was near me. It made me feel sick, and I immediately began chanting fast and loud to her. I saw her eyes shaking and trying to stop my White Magic. I kept chanting louder, and yelled “Spirit of Darkness, return to the dead of the night!” Suddenly, they all seemed to shift in Energy, and they couldn’t see me there physically. I know myself as a powerful Sorceress of White Light! 

I left, and I knew I had cleared some very potent darkness/black magic. I woke up right then, with full awareness of this Amazing experience. 

In my knowingness I FEEL that practicing this Sex Magic of Isis has Powerfully assisted me in clearing away all Victimization, Powerfully awakening my own inner Light/Magic, and I know that Spirit and I cleaned house on some really funky darkness during our dreamstate. 

Moments after writing my blog I was reading more of Tom Kenyons’ writings in The Magdalen Manuscript concerning dreaming. I found this Incredibly synchronistic so I thought I’d share a paragraph with you here. Enjoy!

“I do not, by the way, believe that all dreams are alternate realities bearing significance, only some of them. Most dreams are just the brain unraveling stress and some, quite frankly, are the result of bad food combining at dinner. But some dreams are deeply significant from a psychological standpoint and can even be portentous. These types of dreams, I believe, are of a different order than that of others, and anyone who has had such a dream knows what I’m talking about. (YESSSSS)

Indeed, in the actual practice of internal alchemy, the Alchemist enters a state of mind that is quite dream-like. This is, I believe, a result of specific brain changes that are created through alchemical meditations. Many internal alchemical practices increase alpha and/or theta wave activity in the neocortex. And the deeper states of theta are experienced very much like dream states. These waking-dreams allow the practitioner to enter worlds of experience that are not possible in normal waking states. 

As I said earlier, the methods of internal alchemy can be viewed as a means to directly affect certain aspects of the quantum universe. We will also find that manipulations of quantum reality (through the actions of internal alchemy) take place, most effectively, in dream-like states of mind. And every alchemical tradition has developed its own methods for generating dream-like states of awareness.” – Tom Kenyon, The Magdalen Manuscript

I share this intimate experience for the same reason I have ever shared my intimate experiences with you all: So that my wisdom, my journey, and my Awakening May offer You Support and Guidance… If You are Open, Ready, and Receptive. 💞🙏💞

Namaste, Tawnya Love Wayshower of the Light

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  1. Lori Williams · May 19, 2017

    I, too, have the book, “Gene Keys”. I’ve had it for a couple of years and could only get through he first 3 chapters, had to put it down. I’ll pick up again and this time I’ll let Spirit guide me where I should begin reading. I bow to you for sharing your experience and Wisdom. Much Love, Lori

    • Tawnya Angel · May 19, 2017

      Perfect Lori YESSSSS Allow Spirit to​guide You 💖 Your so welcome Love 🦋 Many Blessings mwwwaaa 💋 Tawnya Love

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