Getting off the Crazy Train with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 72 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

June 18th, 2017

So, I had this Intense dream last night where I was traveling. I saw this train and I was racing to get on it. As I got closer, I saw it wasn’t a typical train. It was like a crazy carnival ride. I chose to get on this small platform that shook and vibrated powerfully. The entire ride, I was clinging for dear life so as to not get shot off the train. The whole journey, people and things kept trying to knock me off my platform. I held on tighter, and got stronger and stronger. Finally, this man, who I immediately felt was a womanizer, came towards me, trying to hook my attention so I’d fall off. Nope. I ignored him and held on tighter, and continued to get stronger and stronger.

I reached my destination and got off that crazy-ass ride from Hell. As I walked away, I saw a store selling cool tennis shoes, so I went to check them out. I set my purse down and started looking at the shoes. Suddenly, I felt the Intuition to go get my purse, that it was in danger. I got up and started walking towards it as a man started walking towards it at the same time. I knew he wanted to take it. He got there seconds before me and grabbed my freaking purse. I chased him full on until I caught him, I jumped on him and took my purse back, all the while screaming at him: “What the Fuck were you thinking man? You can’t have my Fucking purse! You chose the wrong Fucking Woman to mess with!!!” 

I then peacefully walked away with my purse, haha! 

So this morning, as I spoke my dream out loud to my beloved, I was instantly able to process its meaning. I, like each of us, chose my Journey in this lifetime. I chose to get on a wild Fucking ride that constantly tried to kill me, that gave me constant trials and tests, until I decided I was ready to get off the Crazy Train. Choosing this Crazy Train assisted in cultivating great Strength, Courage, Discernment, and Intuition. So, as I got off the Crazy Train of Tests and Trials, I was a Fierce Soul to reckon with. 

I see this as a powerful symbol in our lives. Some of us chose an easy, gentle path, while others chose a horrific path…All of these paths are Beautiful Perfect and Divine! 

Here’s to having the courage to ride the Crazy Ass Trains of life, and here’s to having the wisdom to know when it’s time to exit them with great Strength, Courage, and Confidence!!!  

Here’s to the Sacred Rebels, the Warriors of Love & Light!!! I Love You šŸ’– I SEE YOU šŸ’– I AM One with You šŸ’–

I wouldn’t change a thing from my Magical Life- though it was Not at all easy in the first 40 years, it is Incredibly Beautiful where I AM Now!!! What a Ride šŸ¦‹ I AM Grateful for All of it, and Grateful for the Incredibly Powerful Soul I AM šŸ¦‹

Namaste šŸ’žšŸ™šŸ’ž  Tawnya Love Ready to Mentor with a Soul who understands? View my thriving services here

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