Alchemy of Manifestation with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 73 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

June 19th, 2017 

Often I awaken from dreams where I Am teaching others in large groups. Last night, I Awakened from such a dream. I was teaching this group the simple and yet powerful alchemy for Manifestation. Here is what I was sharing in another realm, something that my heart would Love to help Everyone in this physical realm: The Recipe for Divine Manifestation, through conscious Alchemy! 

Many humans feel as if life is randomly happening To them. It is Not. There really is nothing random about creation. One of the first steps in becoming a powerful, potent creator is to take one’s power back through Self Responsibility and Awareness (Awareness=Consciousness). In order for us to create a life we Love and Enjoy, we must first bring Consciousness to that life. 

Therefore, we cannot remain in the shadow of victimization and expect to create an awesome, amazing life at the same time. It is like oil and water–they don’t mix. We must choose to either BE Conscious as creators or continue to live as victims in our own world of illusion. A choice must be made. This is Our first step.

Once we’ve had enough of victimization and we decide to Choose a life of Conscious Creation, things really get fun and interesting and they become a whole lot smoother. Randomness falls away and transforms into synchronicity. We take our power back. In truth, we never were separate from our power, we simply lived as if we were in the shadow of victimization. In the Sacred Spaces of Consciousness Magic is our Norm!

Now that we’ve become Conscious, it is as if all the lights in our house are suddenly turned on. Our minds become illuminated containers for Conscious Creation. True Spiritual Alchemy resides here, in the illuminated Sacred Space of our mind. 

The simple recipe for Any Alchemy has 3 required ingredients: Something we wish to transform, a container in which to activate this Alchemy, and something New we’re ready to Create. That’s it! It’s actually very simple, and paradoxically, it’s quite profound.

Now, what I’ve observed in our Multifaceted Universe is that All humans are Powerfully creating. The issue is that they just aren’t Conscious about what they are creating. So voila- the illusion of separation and randomness! 

I’m going to tell you the difference between a human who’s experiencing chaos and randomness compared with a human who appears to attract All they need, want, and desire. 

I want to be crystal clear–All humans are worthy, deserving, and capable of Greatness. All of You!!! 

So, let’s take a look at an average human that just seems to have the worst luck ever, shall we? If we were to peer into this human’s mind, we’d instantly understand what is going on. We’d instantly understand why their outer life is so chaotic, abusive, terrifying, painful, impoverished, and random. What we’d discover first would be a Feeling, a Vibration of deep fear and unworthiness. Instantly, we’d sense something is a bit off because we can FEEL the Vibration. The next thing we’d discover would be lots – and lots and lots and lots, did I mention lots? Ohh yeah, and lots – of mixed messages being shot out into the Universe through unconscious and some conscious thoughts. All kinds of thoughts–a thought about fear, some painful thoughts added, mixed in with a lot of doubt, some suffering, a pinch of shame, and all mixed up in the Cauldron of the mind. Powerfully Creating! 

If we hung out with this human for awhile, we’d start to observe just how powerful they really are. Suddenly, some drama would show up in their outer world, mixed with some chaos, and damnit​, some anger, and then something would manifest to offer heartache and pain. We’d observe them making choices to continue their uncomfortably-comfortable cycle of Shame. And Boom, add a little loss and experiences of lack and unworthiness. Boom, the life of the unconscious victim is birthed. Ohh baby, I used to create here too and it was awful! I made a different choice, and I am here Illuminating the way for each of You who are open, ready and receptive.

Let’s Observe that human a little longer as they passionately vent and lash out at their own external creations, as they argue, fight and complain out loud or within, it’s all powerful. We’d Observe them commenting on how crazy they are, or how crazy others are. We’d Observe them powerfully igniting New waves of lower and lower Energy and Vibration into the Infinite Universe. We Observe their struggles intensify, the pain growing and expanding. More lack arises everywhere they turn. We’d Observe a Universe that Always, Always responds to Vibration!

Now imagine this human, in their struggle, becomes exhausted, and we may Observe New shifts occur. Perhaps this human stops their fighting, stops their venting and ranting and they fall into Stillness. Perhaps they surrender and let go for a while. And imagine that we Observe that human suddenly awakening in this space of Stillness. In the Stillness, they FEEL One with Source God again. In this Stillness, they Hear New Higher Guidance from this State of Oneness and Alignment with Source God. And suddenly, they focus on the peace within. Suddenly they realize that peace was always within them. Imagine that! 

We Observe this human’s life transform and shift. They appear lighter, they FEEL lighter. They let go and choose to live in Surrendered Trust. They choose to become Conscious and Intentional in All of their creations. 

Now, let’s Observe this Conscious human for a while longer. We will instantly FEEL their Energy and Vibration. It will FEEL higher, lighter, and they will appear to be much more playful, much less serious and more at ease. Stress and Dis-ease will have fallen away. Their body will have a glow of health. Next, we will Observe the state of their Sacred Container (the mind). We will notice a calm, quiet inner state, and we will Observe the Chambers of their mind illuminated and powered on! We will Observe the mind of a Master with laser beam focus and Intention, Consciously Creating Magic & Miracles!

If we Observe this human longer (and what fun it is to observe these Masters), we will Observe their needs instantly being met. Nature will be in a state of honor and harmony with this soul. We will Observe how sleeping humans interact with these Masters, as well as how those who are ready to awaken respond to these Beautiful Souls.

We will Observe Order, Peace, Harmony,​ and Abundance when we are with these Conscious Creators. And just by being near these souls, we will FEEL ignited, inspired, and more present, if we allow ourselves to rest and receive in their sacred space. For some, these humans will challenge all those remaining in the shadows of victimization, just through their presence, no words needed. Their potent Light and Unconditional Love will be felt Powerfully.

These souls enjoy every Sacred Moment. These souls live life to the fullest, as they honor their own unique path, as they share their experiences and gifts with any and All who are Conscious enough to listen, who are Conscious enough to receive them, Conscious enough to Honor them, as our Higher Selves, Mirroring back to us All. 

“Through Consciousness, All life is Supporting and Purposeful. Without Consciousness, All life appears Seperate, chaotic, and random. The life we desire is birthed Through our choice to remain unconscious or to Awaken in Oneness with Consciousness.” -Tawnya Love

Do you choose to remain an unconscious victim in a random and chaotic life? Or are You ready to Bring Consciousness into every Sacred Space of your Sacred Life? The choice is, has always been, and shall always be Yours!!! 

Namaste Tawnya Love & the Angels πŸ’–

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