Recommitting to You with Intuitive Transformational Healer/Soul Coach Tawnya Love

Day 74 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Soul Coach/Healer Tawnya Love & the Angels

June 23rd, 2017

What is power to You? For myself, I know that power isn’t about anything external, but rather an internal Alignment. From the perspective of Spiritual Alignment & True Abundance, powerful humans are those with the strongest Connection with their Internal Source/Resources. True power is cultivated from the Inside Out, rather than a focus upon external factors. 

True power isn’t something we get “Out There,” we cannot buy it, earn it, seduce for it, steal it, or people please for it. We must be open and willing to SEE that we have been searching for Love, Abundance, Strength and Appoval in all the wrong places. Once we relax and calm down, once we choose to realign and center we discover that our True Power has been Within all along!

Reclaiming our power is simply remembering, like Dorothy that we’ve had the power all along. We quickly awaken and realize that we’ve been trained to look “Out There”, we’ve been conditioned to believe that in some way we were not enough. What a Lie! 

Reclaiming our power is all about recommitting to ourselves, our True Awesome Authentic Selves. Supporting the many, beautiful souls who Mentor with me is such a fulfilling life path for me. However, I wouldn’t be the Bad Ass, Honest, Sincere, Compassionate, Aligned Mentor I AM if I didn’t walk my talk. Like each of You, I must challenge myself and stay awake, aware and present. Like each of you, I must move with life’s current accepting and adapting to life’s transforming change. This is the mystery of life. We can always count on change and we benefit and thrive when we accept that change is a very important part of our Ascension & Evolution. 

As a Soul Coach, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer and Spiritual Alchemist I Love Supporting my Amazing Clients as they navigate and move with life rather than remaining in the illusion that they are in any way powerless or victims of their circumstance. Life has tested me to my core, life will test you to your core simply as a means of guiding you home to Yourself.

“Out There,” the collective societal illusion will continue to try its best to convince you that your Not enough, Not Smart enough, Not pretty enough, Not talented enough, Not young enough…You and only You have the Power to awaken from the societal illusion. Only You can choose to remain in an illusion of victimization and powerlessness. Only You can choose to Take Your Fucking Power back! 

We all have times when we could greatly benefit from working with a Mentor, a Master, a Teacher and guide. There is nothing weak about asking for help. There is nothing weak in slowing down. There is nothing weak in asking questions. There is nothing weak in walking your authentic path, regardless of what others are choosing. 

This is your Soul’s Heartfelt Invitation to Attune to True Power and to Make a commitment to BE True to You. How May I Serve & Support Your Growth, Expansion & Evolution? 

Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

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