Conscious Celebration w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 75 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

July 5th, 2017

There are moments when one Sees so clearly. Moments when one’s consciousness is fully open and aware. Moments when it seems that something so horrific is being completely ignored by the majority of humanity. It is in these moments that expressing Divine Truth is so important.

I’ve had some time to process and observe the insanity of humanity, and I have some important messages to share in regards to these observations, in hopes that we are ready to open our hearts, minds, and eyes. That we are ready to move in more Loving and Conscious directions. That we are ready to truly honor All life, rather than ignore how our chosen actions affect others. That we are ready to truly move in the direction of Unity Consciousness, as we Choose to Harm None!

As many realize, yesterday was July 4th, a holiday celebrated as a statement of Independence for America. A holiday that is celebrated in complete unconsciousness, disregarding the hundreds of thousands of Native Americans who were slaughtered so that these drifters from Europe could leave their own countries and “Own” their own land. The very beginning of how Europeans violently took this country is completely forgotten. How convenient!

From the place in Consciousness where I reside, I do not see any Independence here. I Observe unconsciousness, lies, illusion- humans pretending they are free and independent in a country that strips many others of their Independence daily. I cannot Celebrate such a misaligned holiday, one based on pure illusion. My question is: How can You? And why are you? Are you truly Conscious about this Choice? Or are you unconsciously part of a program via your traditions?

I write these words of truth for one reason alone: To help us each remember the truth and awaken. To Support our people in awakening for once to the Fact that All life matters, not just white Europeans, not just Americans, not just certain religions or political groups. All life is valuable, precious, and Important!

(Fireworks factory blows up killing over 300)

That being said, I have a question for everyone reading this. How can we continue to violently blow shit up while traumatizing thousands and thousands of animals and humans, while polluting our environment, while continuing to risk injury to any form of life, all in an attempt to celebrate a holiday rooted in violence and Unconsciousness? What exactly is celebratory about any of this, truly?

I can only speak from my own life and perspective. From my own life situation, last night I spent hours in my bedroom closet doing everything I could to comfort our sweet Honey Girl, our family dog. Our neighborhood sounded like a war zone, with loud explosives going off every couple seconds for nearly six hours! We were in our home with music playing, tucked into our quietest spaces to claim any sense of peace.

(Loud explosives traumatize hundreds of thousands of animals every year. This is Not neccasary)

Year after year I have observed humans, many who struggle to pay their own bills, purchasing hundred and thousands of dollars worth of explosives in an attempt to celebrate our Independence, humans who continue to live unconsciously in their own enslavement. It’s truly INSANE!

Every year we Experience, Observe and hear about how many innocent animals, veterans, elders, and children are traumatized by our society’s choice of celebration. We KNOW that these loud explosives are harming innocent lives. We KNOW that often destructive fires occur because of this form of celebration. We KNOW that many people are seriously injured or killed from these explosives…And yet, I observe humans unconsciously recreating this violence year after year, with little Awareness or Compassion.

(Fireworks factory explodes killing many)

What will it take, Humanity? What do you need in order to wake up, to truly care about others more than you care about your program, your routines, your unconscious traditions? What is needed for you to truly care about the innocent animals and humans that these unconscious traditions are harming? What is needed to care about Honoring OUR Environment, OUR planet, OUR Home?

(NFL Football player injury from exploding fireworks)

I’m truly interested. I want to understand. I’m ready for positive honoring change, so please, help me understand. Join me if your heart recognizes the Wisdom in my Heart-Expressed words. How can WE re-create New Honoring celebrations? How can WE honor the whole? How can we have fun, play, and Celebrate without harming one another, or Nature?

We can shift this. I know we can. But we must first Choose to Awaken. We must choose to live with Consciousness and Compassion for All life. I’m ready! Are You?

Thank You for listening. Thank You for every Conscious choice you make daily. It matters. Thank You for joining me in the space of Love, Honor, and Compassion for All life…It’s so beautiful here!

Sometimes we just need someone to sit with us and remind us to breathe, to remind us that All is well, and that we are Loved. To be reminded that We have the power to choose New choices with every Sacred Moment. 💖
Namaste Tawnya Love 💞🙏💞

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