Realigning with the Source Within by Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 76 of 365 days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

July 11th, 2017  

Recently my Higher Self guided me to take a day for deep inner reflection and balancing. During this deep inner journey of Stillness and Beingness I processed some valuable understanding. I’m always so deeply grateful for these days of Stillness and deep Listening as they always manifest great inner shift and awareness. I encourage each of you guided here to read this message to honor the Wisdom within, to pull away from the external noise often so that you may access valuable wisdom within. 

So often we’re unconsciously encouraged to run, run, run and do, do, do to our own demise. So many hurting, frustrated, fearful humans rushing here and there. So much unconscious creation. So much suffering. And yet there is another way! There is a powerful choice available for each of us moment by moment. We can continue to rush around unconsciously as slaves to our own egoic woundedness…or we can Stop! Right here, right now we can take a deep centering breath and slowwwww down.

The wise ones understand the value of slowing down, they have learned that great beauty, healing and Alignment are Always available when we allow this shift from within. So why do so many humans continue to rush? Continue to exhaust themselves? What are we searching for? Where are we racing towards? 

I can only speak as a Loving guide doing my best to express my own experience. You can choose to open yourself and receive this wisdom or choose to ignore the message, that will always be your choice. You must learn from Your own experience.

I can genuinely say that in choosing to slow down and focus within rather than racing around unconsciously will absolutely Change your life for the better…100%! I can share how quickly your body will be Supported to Realign and return to Wholeness. How Peaceful and Centered you will remember you are here. And how in choosing to Realign with the Source God within you will awaken as an Empowered co-creator once again. In the space of stillness you will receive Divine Solution, Divine Insight, and Healing. There’s truly nothing negative whatsoever in choosing to slow down and Be Still. 

So why aren’t more humans Choosing Stillness? Why aren’t those who are sick focusing inward with an intention to Realign and Balance? Why are so many humans chasing thrills, addiction, and distraction? Because so many haven’t yet awakened, so many are driven by Fear Not Love. So many humans still doing doing doing all they can to be good enough. 
The irony is that as we remember to slow down and realign, we also begin to remember that We Are Always Enough, We Are Good, We Are Worthy Now!!! It’s true I wouldn’t speak this if it weren’t true. And remembering that You are worthy is Incredibly Important to how you will choose to live out your existence. Incredibly Important.

I observe humans daily who race around, who tell themselves and others that they have to do this or that. That they don’t have a choice in this or that. They lie to themselves again and again at the cost of their own joy, and their own health. And I observe that they really believe they have no choice. They Believe!

So here’s where our inner work lies: In first discovering these limiting beliefs we run thru our minds like computer programs. And second, in being a conscious participant in dissolving, deleting and releasing these limiting beliefs that are Only Enslaving and Harming us!

You know that saying that many express to addicts, that you can only change something if you can admit you have a problem? Well it’s true for All Transformation. We cannot Heal while continuing to run unconscious scripts day in and day out about sickness, fear, worry, stress, anger, blame, guilt or shame. Healing IS available for All of us…Healing is Always within awaiting our return with its Alignment. And the same applies to Love, Freedom, Abundance and Joy. We can only Experience these Energies once we have Aligned with them from the inside out. If we refuse to Realign from within, then it will seem as if these Energies are lying “out there” beyond our grasp, and our Wounded Ego will continue to chase and seek.

As a healer, I’ve witnessed so many beautiful miraculous shifts within the beautiful open souls that we work with. These humans and animals allow themselves to realign within and often times instant shifts occur without. Their bodies heal, their minds center, their relationships find harmony, their bank accounts flourish. And not because they are continuing to rush around unconsciously and fearfully, it is because they finally have chosen to slow down, finally chosen to Realign from within and Miracles happen!

In an incredible book called The Gene Keys Richard Rudd states that the 27th Siddhi knows how to distinguish between that which is Alive and that which is decaying, and it gives unremittingly to that which is Alive. At the Siddhic level the 27th Gene Key becomes capable of Miraculous Healing. As long as there is an ounce of life force within something, the vast Love coming thru the 27th Siddhi can revive it. Because this Siddhi draws upon the entire bio-energetic field of Gaia, it has the capacity to heal any dis-ease or sickness, so long as the indwelling Awareness/Consciousness is Aligned more strongly with Life rather than with Death. 

This statement sums up the Miraculous Power of Healing and Transformation. Pay attention to what you’re giving your attention to, as this focus will deeply affect you on every level. A focus upon Life creates New Life, a focus upon death and decay invites more of the same. It is Universal Law and it is Powerful. 

Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels 🦋 

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