Sacred Connection and Intimacy with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 92 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

December 15th, 2017

Happy Holidays & Infinite Blessings to You All. I am confident that this message will reach each of You at the Divinely Aligned Time. Something I Know in every fiber of my being is that Everything that is happening is happening for us. Happening for our Awareness, our Liberation, our Empowerment, our Well-Being and our Evolution. 

Sometimes things can suddenly take a swift turn on the path of alignment. One moment you’re flowing along peacefully, confidently, and suddenly Another can throw you a curve ball. Well, I say be prepared for those curve balls in life, be so Centered and Conscious that you Smack that Fucking ball outta the ballpark and confidently March on.

I have many of the closest humans to me (mainly my clients) ask me, “Tawnya how do you stay so centered? How do you handle it when others you care about mistreat you?” And I’ll tell you, I remain centered, awake, and aware, with a graceful Divine detachment. I care 💯! I Love Fully, I give of myself Freely, and yet I remain open to higher guidance, Always! 

I allow others complete freedom to show up as they choose to show up. I simply make my choices from this constant in-flow of information. One moment a human close to you shows you Love and shows you Honor. The next they may choose to withhold that Love and Honor. Divine detachment honors all Soul choices. It gives each soul the freedom to connect intimately and honorably, or to choose to completely withhold Love and miss the opportunity for true intimacy and connection.

What I feel, in my humble opinion, is that too often humans are attaching for all the wrong reasons. And because of this choice to attach from fear or control, or from abuse they continue to co-create pain and suffering for themselves and then project this pain upon others. They get caught up in the abusive cycles. 

I have observed for a lifetime how popular this choice is and have equally observed how much suffering these choices continue creating. I find it so ironic that often the very humans we call Family are the very humans who struggle the most in being authentic, vulnerable and intimate with us. Why is that?

Couldn’t family be something Higher? Couldn’t family show up with Love, Honor and Transparency? Couldn’t family be vulnerable and honest with one another? Couldn’t family honor and extend gratitude for honesty and heartfelt connection? 
I know we can, because it’s how I live. However, I have had to release most of my born-to-blood family throughout my lifetime. And why did I need to make that choice? Because it was the only choice that honorored my own Precious Sacred Rebel Soul. The only choice that extended Love & Compassion to myself.

Like many, I spent half of my life tolerating abuse. Such profound abuse that it’s a Fucking Miracle I am alive today to share the Wisdom that my Sacred life has provided me. And yet, here I stand Stronger than Ever–Awake, Aware, Conscious, and in complete ownership of MY Choices and MY Creations.

What I’ve learned is that it is Always the Highest Choice to Honor and Love Yourself. Always. No matter the cost…And it has Fucking cost me, let me tell you. And yet every human that I had to evolve beyond, every human I had to release and let go of has been worth it. Because I made those choices from a space of Love, Self-Love and Freedom.

For me, staying in abusive spaces for Any reason is Fucking Insane! We receive and attract what we continue to tolerate, PERIOD! Don’t believe me? Look around and observe just how happy you are, how truly happy others are. Just have the courage to open your eyes and observe the manipulative games that play out, especially in families. Pay attention to how you participate. We can only heal what we allow ourselves to feel.

What if each of us chose differently? What if starting right now you chose Self-Love? What if from this moment forward you chose to walk away from abuse, no matter who it’s coming from? Could You? Could You Love Yourself that deeply and fiercely? Can you make the choice to stop the manipulative games? To stop participating even if those you refuse to play with shun or reject you? Can you live with that strength and courage, and Always stand up for Love…By Beginning with Self-Love?

You, Me…WE have the power to change this world for the better. And I can promise you continuing to tolerate abusive, and passive aggressiveness is NOT going to change a damn thing. LOVE is! 

Love is the Answer. And Self-Love Doesn’t always show up with cozy politeness. Sometimes speaking blunt, Crystal Clear Truth is what is absolutely needed for change and evolution. Sometimes saying goodbye is the highest, most Loving choice. 

So, who’s with me? Who’s out there listening? Give me a response, challenge me if you disagree. Let me know that You are out there, that you are ready to stand with me in Self-Love. Let us Unite in this most important global mission. It is time to move into that New metaphorical Nautilus chamber, some of you may want to toss this message aside, pretend it’s not Truth. You may be tempted to silently slip back into your unconscious slumber. I assure you that will be the ultimate cost of your Soul’s Alignment and Highest Potential. Choose wisely.

WE, YOU and ME Came here to Fucking Shift things…Not to tolerate Abuse. Fuck That!!! 

For my Soul the time of tolerating abuse and dishonor has ended, it’s Over! 
Namaste, Tawnya Love & The Aligned Warrior of Light Angels of Truth 💗🙏💗

Wake Up…WE Need to Unite & Remember Our United Mission NOW!!! 💗

If You feel Inspired listen to Christina Aguileras song “Soar” and “Here to Stay” 😎✌️ohh how my soul resonates 💗

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