Astral Travel and Remote Viewing with Intuitive, Multidimensional Time Traveler Tawnya Love

Day 93 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

With Tawnya Love

December 20, 2017

Blessings my beautiful soul family, I hope you are all staying warm and cozy during the holidays. Today I am feeling Inspired to share with you some of my recent dreams/experiences of astral travel and remote viewing. I’m constantly opening myself more and more to understanding just how Multiimensional we really are. Oftentimes we forget this, we can become dragged down by only the current Reality that we see around us. We can forget just how complex and Multidimensional we truly are and feel a sort-of trapped feeling in this dimension, forgetting we are One with All of this vast Universe.
Often I have what I refer to as just processing dreams, these are dreams where we literally process all the many images and experiences of the day–that movie we watched right before bed can end up in these dreams, what you ate for dinner can affect this processing, the tension you experienced at work and so on. These are important dreams in assisting us with “The Process” of all the incoming information. They help us purge and release anything that is bogging us down, help us to understand in abstract ways, different ways we could have handled an experience.

Another dreamtime experience that I’ve been having my entire life are Astral Travel experiences. These are not simply processing your day, or even this reality. These experiences often take me off planet into other dimensions and reality, and at times they take me across this planet. There seems to always be an important reason for these experiences. I seem to always be gathering some important information or assisting another in some soulful way.

Once, years ago I had a falling out with a friend.  She and I hadn’t connected in 6 months or so and I had no idea where she was or what she was up to. One night I dreamt (experienced) being in her bedroom. I could see and describe the decor and the details of the room. I saw her and her girlfriend fighting, I could hear everything they were saying. When I woke up I felt I had really been like a fly on the wall in her room. A couple weeks later I synchronistically ran into her. We chatted for a few minutes and I felt inspired to tell her about my dream (experience). When I started describing the room decor and the exact fight I was listening to she looked like she saw a ghost. 

She then told me that my sharing this was “tripping her out,” she confirmed that the decor of her room (that I had never been in physically) was spot on and that she had a terrible fight with her girlfriend. I was grateful for the experience and grateful to be that Being who saw truth. Because of seeing truth, she sat there crying and opening up to me about the fact she knew that she needed to end this relationship. I feel I was simply there holding space and truth with her to support her in her higher direction. 

Another Powerful example I experienced–and there are so, so many but I’ll just share a few:  One evening I had this experience that I was in the ocean; I intuively knew it was Hawaii. I was observing the foundation of the island and taking information of an incoming Tsunami that I could FEEL was on its way. I then saw a giant wave hitting the islands and devastating the life there. I intuively sensed an incoming Earthquake on its way. When I woke up I sat straight up in bed and I was sweating and crying. I immediately went into Meditation and communicated back to Mother Earth. I spoke to the wind, the water the Earth to please be gentle and pull the ocean water out so it wouldn’t make such a devastating wave. A couple of days later I woke up, my husband at the time told me that on the internet scientists were baffled by an Earthquake that had just happened while we slept. They said the earthquake should have caused such a giant wave that technically should have wiped out Hawaii and couldn’t understand why the water spread out, as it made no logical scientific sense. 

You see WE Are Multiimensional Beings, we are Not bound by Time nor Space. I KNOW this because it’s my truth, it’s my constant experience. I also know that when WE Remember how connected and powerful we are, we have the power to greatly influence this reality and beyond. 
I feel again I was called to Hawaii to tune-in, because it’s part of my soul mission and ability to help in such ways. I feel that thr friend at the time called to my soul because she knew I could help her. We Are that connected!

Last night I had one of these, Astral Travel experiences, and it was interesting because just about every time I am remote viewing; or in an Astral traveling experience it is like I’m invisible. Like an invisible fly on the wall, I am observing, taking in information to help. There have been a few times where I can FEEL that someone is sensing my presence. They can’t see me but I can feel them becoming aware of my presence. Sort of like when I can FEEL a spirit with one of my clients, a grandmother that is close by. 

Well this time something shifted–during last night’s experience a child saw me. I was on another planet observing a great overtaking for power. So many were being enslaved and taken as prisoners, and I could simultaneously remote view the other side of the planet currently being destroyed. I saw the Intense red and orange Moulten spewing out. I knew this planet was going to be destroyed. I was there to help these beings that were being taken as prisoners. 
As I was in that lineup taking in all the information of this place. I looked down and saw a little boy starting at me as if I was an alien, haha. Because to him, I was indeed an alien and clearly wasn’t from around here. I held out my finger to my lips, giving the “shhhhh” sign. He nodded at me and slowly looked ahead. I could FEEL he understood I was there to help.  As I moved around in this Reality, I noticed something that has never happened before. If I brushed up against something it would move. If I walked on a rug it wrinkled, a piece of fabric would float and move, and I observed some of the beings noticing this movement and could FEEL their fear of what they couldn’t see. At one point a woman literally walked so close she touched me and jumped back when she couldn’t see anything. 

As I woke up this morning in my human Avatar body I just lay there processing the shifts occurring in my astral traveling experiences. Why am I suddenly being seen? Why am I suddenly affecting the physical items in these other realities? Why am I even here in these other dimensions? 

A thought flowed in that has fascinated me. What if we are living out simultaneous experiences in different Avatar bodies? We Are Multidimensional Beings, I definitely travel off-planet a lot. Then I thought about how what one Reality can do to affect the other realities. For example, in this human lifetime I have had a lot of work to do in regards to clearing abuse patterns and cycles from my life. It has been a life-long journey of leaving people, releasing family, jobs, and taking a powerful stance on zero tolerance of abuse as I show through my own example a New way of Self Love. 
Now, what if all that work that has helped liberate me here on Earth is simultaneously effecting my other Multiimensional Realities? Wouldn’t that make sense that one movement of Evolution and Liberation would ripple out across the cosmos affecting All realities? It makes so much sense to me. 

I FEEL and Sense that I am traveling to other dimensions, planets and realities supporting a great movement of Evolution. A movement of Liberation and Empowerment. I FEEL that all of our earthly work and progress is supporting other dimensions as well and vice versa. I FEEL that other dimensions and realities are affecting us simultaneously, talk about WE Are All One baby! That truth is bigger than many of us have understood. It’s so fasinating to realize just how connected we all are to All life throughout the cosmos. 

I encourage You all to take the time to be present with your dreams, to practice discernment of their meaning and purpose. To listen to those pieces of information with great respect and reverence and to tune-in and thank the universe for what you truly desire for All life. Maybe in a much grander way than you’ve ever thought before.
Write down your dreams, stay open and receptive to new ways of understanding, and ask those big questions, trusting the universe that you’re One with, is delivering your answer…Stay Open, stay Present.

And Remember, WE have a great ability to usher in New Transformation and change. So focus on the New Reality, ask for Universal Support and believe you are worthy of that Support. It’s Happening!!!

Many Multidimensional Blessings to you my Beautiful Soul Family, Namaste Tawnya Love & the Angels πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ’— 

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