Purging of Darkness with Light Worker Tawnya Love

Beautiful Soul Family, I have a question for you:  Have any of you felt a Heavy Darkness over the past couple of days? I ask because I was shown dreams a few days ago of a great big dark tower blasting out this toxic darkness (like a firework exploding but rather than Light, dark smoke). I have consciously remained very observant and aware and I’ve witnessed people I Love suddenly behaving very OFF in their Energy.

I had a close friend lash out and I could see an entity that was lashing out using her body. I’ve had some strange Energy trying to create chaos in my Twin Flame relationship that I had to stand strong in my Light and Awareness to ward off.

Today, many light workers have been expressing a similar calling to protect their own sacred spaces, as well as many who have been called in to work energetically clearing these Ancient Lower Vibrational Energies from our ever Shifting and Evolving planet.

I was in Meditation for hours today, completely still listening, and working with my Angelic Team in a great purge and cleansing. So many were called-in to hold space and offer their support and frequencies.

I’ve been reminded by my Angelic Team to reactivate Light grids, Pyramids of Light around my Sacred Space as well as our planet. If you’re feeling this calling please listen and trust in your inner knowing.

I’ve observed these lower Vibrational Energies attaching themselves to humans who are Not taking care of themselves, humans who are Not honoring themselves with Self Love and care. Your lowered Vibration is like an open door.

If you are a sensitive empathic human that has lost your Balance and that has forgotten to practice Compassion with yourself, please Honor Yourselves–it is so important for your own Alignment and Protection. Remember You Are Loved & Supported and WE ARE ONE πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’ž

Here is a protective Intention for You to hold and express if you feel guided:

No human, No entity, No spirit nor Galactic beings are permitted in my space, who do not have my highest good in heart. All cabal related connections and all that this represents cannot and will not be allowed in my space, all deleted from the original attachments, right through to all lifetimes on this planet earth and any future lives.

So be it and So it is. Thank you Thank you πŸ’—

Namaste, Tawnya Love and All the brother’s & sister’s of the Light


Thank You All for Your Love Light and Service πŸ•‰οΈ WE Assisted with a great Clearing Shift Today πŸ¦‹

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