Astral Travel/Remote Viewing With Multidimensional Time Traveler Tawnya Love

Day 96 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

with Tawnya Love

January 10th, 2018

Beloved Soul Family I have been having so many Astral Travel experiences lately during my sleeping dream time. There is a theme happening which totally makes sense to me. Each one of these planets/dimensions there are living beings that are being enslaved and trapped in some way. I understand that I am a Multidimensional Time Traveler and my mission is always the same. To Assist in awakening and liberating All living beings who are ready.

Last night I was on another planet it was more advanced than this planet currently. These beings where living in a HUGE Biosphere type structure. I saw Vivid details of it. The entire thing seemed to be constructed by a very strong glass and metal. There were automatic ways to open and close small vents around the entire structure.

I arrived and got myself familiarized with my new surroundings, not long after I arrived I saw a HUGE nasty looking dark terrifying storm cloud headed right for this structure with so many lives within it. I yelled as soon as I saw it for someone to close the ventilation areas immediately. We got them closed just in time.

At first this place appeared Beautiful and advanced. However the longer I was there the more truth I was given. Not long after the dark storm clouds passed over I realized all these living beings were being held here, this was not a place of Freedom or Liberation. These Beings were being enslaved and held prisoner within this fancy structure.

I soon after realized I was not supposed to have breached these walls, I was in danger just for being here as an outsider. Not long after the storm passed these other beings showed up and entered the dome from some secret area. An alert was sounded and I was telepathically told to hide Now.

I was hurrying to find a safe hiding place, at first I thought of hiding in this slated area in the walls that would open and close for storage. But intuively I felt it would be too obvious and would be an area they would search for sure (which they did) so I found an area to hide in plain sight. I decided I had to be right in plain sight to avoid being captured.

I saw these beings moving throughout this HUGE structure like a city in a gigantic glass bubble. They would hover/levitate up and down from great heights and moved very quickly. They were searching and scanning all around me. It felt scary.

They passed me by as I hid in plain sight, I felt I had gathered enough information for now and I swiftly returned to my human body and woke up. Very intense and trippy experience that I am still processing and allowing my higher self to discern the meaning and purpose of this traveling experience.

Have any of You been experiencing more Out of Body, Astral Travel, Remote Viewing experiences? I’m having them all the time these days.

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels

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