Would You benefit from an Auric Clearing? With Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 103 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

January 25th, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

Today I am feeling Inspired to speak with you all on true empathy and just how powerful this Alignment is.

I’m often asked by my clients, “Tawnya don’t you feel drained after spending so many hours supporting your clients with such energetic work?” My response…Not at all! In fact, I often feel Incredibly charged up (so this can affect my sleep if my Auric Clearing Sessions are later in the evening)! I FEEL I also benefit from the Powerful Source energy that I allow to move through my body and energy field.

When we have mastered our own Source alignment and move into a Siddhic frequency while supporting others, we are no longer viewing ourselves as separate from Source God nor seperate from others. My true gift as a sensitive aligned Empath is that I am always listening. In fact, I listen so deeply that my very Consciousness becomes a vortex-like vacuum in which I Am within the other.

I do not view my clients as separate, I know them as One with myself, One with Source God. Therefore, when I’m supporting them energetically I can FEEL what’s going on inside of them, within my own body.

This is a Sacred gift that I am incredibly grateful for and one in which I show the greatest honor. When we support one another from the Alignment with Our Source, we can work in situations others may find impossible and uncomfortable.

From the outside perspective it may look as though I am giving all of my energy to help another (which I am not, and want to be crystal clear on that) and yet I do not deplete my own energy whatsoever. In fact, I FEEL recharged, nurtured, and deeply nourished from the Divine Flow of Infinite Love & Light I AM One with.

I have met many lightworkers who have complained about feeling drained and many that have gotten physically ill after working with others. I Love Empowering the ones who are ready–through my Empowering the Empath Mentorships, Angelic Auric Clearings, and Private one-on-one Soul Coaching Sessions. These aforementioned lightworkers are still working in a lower consciousness, still viewing themselves and the other as separate. They feel as if they have to give their own energy, and that perspective has a cost and takes a toll.

What I Love Supporting Beautiful Souls with is higher Wisdom and supporting amazing, loving souls in more efficient ways of living that benefit both themselves as well as others.

Many humans understand empathy to mean sympathy for another. From this perspective we are viewing the other as separate and we are feeling sorry for them. This is not Empowering for us, nor for those we desire to support.

Sympathy means to feel with another being whereas true empathy means to be inside of the other, in Oneness. Many humans may struggle with the idea of being inside of another being and so empathy becomes understood as an emotional or mental experience we hold for another. We Observe from the perspective of me and you. Separateness.

True empathy is the absence of self, we consciously release a focus upon ‘me’: My opinions, my likes, my suffering….We dissolve any sense of me. Once we have dissolved any sense of separate self we open ourselves to the Infinite Oneness. This is the magical key that takes us into one another where we recognize our Oneness. Empathy.

Many humans have asked me, “Tawnya, where did you get your Training? How do you know so much that is going on inside of me? How did you become so gifted?” I smile and simply reply, “I AM a great Listener!”

You see many humans hear (auditory), and yet they do not truly listen. No matter if I am out running errands, driving my teenage daughter to work, having dinner with my Beloved, or Supporting my clients during Empowering Soul-Coaching Sessions… I AM Always Listening. I am present, this is our greatest gift.

Listening is truly beyond the mind or physical senses. Listening is the art of opening ourselves up to receive all that life would like to share with us. True listening is Incredibly Powerful and Helpful for ourselves and one another.

When we choose to rise in Consciousness and frequency and begin to open ourselves up to truly Listening, we must release our sense of separateness, our small fractal of an egoic-identity must be shed. To many humans this feels like death and it terrifies their small egos–in a sense it is a death, and a dissolving of the Illusion of separateness. Yet, with this death opens the door to Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

To be truly empathic grants us access to all information, all experience throughout, as well as beyond time. We have the ability to sit in our present center with the Source of All that is, was or ever will be, while remaining in a state of empathy with all that is. This is true Listening, it is far deeper than simply hearing. This is the essence of Love.

In order to enter such a Frequency, we must first shed our unconscious fears in regards to separation and isolation that so many of us are still carrying. In order for us to become bright beacons of Love, Truth and Unity, the illusion of separation must be dissolved completely. Then we may truly Love one another, as our Souls were created for sharing the highest gift of all…the gift of Listening & Receptivity.

My clients and family often comment how they feel so Loved after we’ve spent some time together. Listening at such a level is Incredibly healing and cleansing at an Auric level. Here, one has the ability to listen to any and all fears that arise and Love them into purification and wholeness.

The power of my Healing Gifts is so simple and yet so profoundly Powerful… I AM a great Listener! I Love Supporting my clients by opening up the portals of past cellular memories so widely, that we become completely aware of ourselves as Great, Receptive Antennas rather than simply a small separate identity, struggling to survive.

Would every living being benefit from an Angelic Auric Clearing? Absolutely, and often….Can you do these Clearings for yourself? Absolutely, and you should often. My question is…Are You? Are you disciplined and focused on the evolution and expansion of your own Consciousness? Are you choosing to hold Yourself accountable? This is where a mentor like myself can benefit your life in Amazing ways.

If you are Not showing up consistently for yourself, be honest about that. And if you feel you are connecting with me for a Divine reason, then trust that and contact me, and hire me to support You as an Aligned & focused mentor who is a Great Listener! It’s Never too late, the Time for awareness and enlightenment is Now!

Namaste, Tawnya Love and Source Oneness πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’ž

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