Evolutionary Purpose with Wayshower Tawnya Love

January 29th, 2018

Beings of Light remind us again and again that the purpose of life is to Learn and Experience.

Each soul is on its own unique shamanic journey, children of the Infinite Light attempting to become Aligned technicians of the Sacred.

Each of us learning how to handle the plasticity that is part and parcel of a Universe in which mind and reality are a continuum, where one lesson remains true above all others.

That as long as the formlessness and breathtaking freedom of the beyond remain frightening to us, we will continue to dream a hologram for ourselves that is comfortably solid and well-defined.

We would be wise to heed Bohm’s warning that the conceptual pigeonholes we use to parse out the Universe are of our own making.

They do Not exist “out there,” for “out there” is only the indivisible totality. Brahman. When we outgrow any given set of conceptual pigeonholes we must always be prepared to move on, to advance from soul-state to soul-state, from Illumination to Illumination.

Our purpose appears to be as simple as it is endless.

We are, as the aboriginies say, just learning how to survive in Infinity.

Edgar Cayce expressed that the Earth was “at first merely in the Nature of thoughtforms or visualization made by pushing themselves out of themselves in whatever manner desired…then came materiality as such into the Earth, through Spirit pushing itself into matter.”

The aboriginies assert that the day will come when the Earth returns to the dreamtime. In Spirit of pure speculation, one might wonder if, as we learn to manipulate the hologram of reality more and more, we will see the fulfilment of this prophecy.

As we become more adept at tinkering with what Jahn and Dunne call the interface between Consciousness and its environment, is it possible for us to experience a reality that is once again malleable? If this is true, we will need to learn much more than we presently know to manipulate such a plastic environment safely, and perhaps that is one purpose of the evolutionary processes that seem to be unfolding in our midst.

There is a Hindu myth that human Consciousness began as a ripple that decided to leave the ocean of “Consciousness as such, timeless, spaceless, Infinite and eternal.” Awakening to itself, it forgot that it was a part of this Infinite ocean, and felt isolated and separate. Forgetting that it was a part of the cosmic Wholeness of All things.

From this perspective the Earth is in essence a sort of playground “in which one is free to Experience all the pleasures of the flesh (physical), provided one realizes that one is a holographic projection of a…higher-order spatial dimension.”

If this is true, the evolutionary fires that are beginning to flicker and dance through our collective psyche may be our Divine wake-up call, the trumpet call informing us that our true home is elsewhere and we can return there if we desire. Strieber, believes this is precisely why UFO’s are here: “I think that they are probably midwifing our birth into the nonphysical world–which is their origin. My impression is that the physical world is only a small instant in a much larger context and that reality is primarily unfolding in a non-physical way. I don’t believe that physical reality is the original Source of being. I think that being, as Consciousness, probably predates the physical.”

What this seems to be about is that from the time of the awareness of the existence of the soul until the resolution of the apocalyptic potential, there are roughly fifty thousand years. We are now, there can be no doubt, in the final historical seconds of that crisis–a crisis which involves the end of history, our departure from the (physical) planet, and the triumph over death. We are, in fact, closing distance with the most profound event a planetary ecology can encounter–the freeing of life from the dark chrysalis of matter.

Inspired from The Holographic Universe & my souls own interpretation of the meaning of life 💗

Namaste Tawnya Love


✨ What we are experiencing is an evolutionary thrust towards Higher Consciousness for All of Humanity ✨

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