Are You Ready for Miraculous Shifts? With Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 105 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

January 31st, 2018

Happy last day of January Beloved Soul Family,

As We begin to hold our focus upon Magic & Miracles This Intelligent, energetically responsive universe will soon after begin to deliver more Magic & Miracles!


To know this truth, we simply must show up & hold our highest aligned focus each day, one day at a time and you too will become a powerful conscious creator and Magic!

Please enjoy this beautiful heart centered testimonial from one of my amazing Angelic Auric Clearing & Soul Coaching clients…My cup runneth over with gratitude 💗

“It’s funny how life can switch gears on us. We think everything is status quo, and then events take place that throw us off and we wonder when things will ever improve….But I know now that they switch on us for our benefit – we just don’t know it at the time.

I found that out the day I met Tawnya. Actually, in all honesty I was positively and ultimately affected by Tawnya BEFORE I even met her. I was struggling. I had been forced to deal with a move (stressful enough) right in the midst of other stressful events of family illnesses, conflict in other areas of my life, and I wasn’t coping very well. Out of character for me, I relayed my frustrations to a friend during an email exchange. During that conversation, my friend mentioned that he was close with someone named Tawnya and that she was an angelic healer and she could help me.

I didn’t really fathom what she could possibly do since I had never met her, but I thanked him and we left it at that. Little did I know that my life was about to change forever. The very same day, I was feeling so utterly lost and alone that I withdrew from everything and sat in silence, practically paralyzed with depression – when suddenly, I started to feel such an amazing peace and love – it enveloped me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before; a divine light had surrounded me and embraced me in a loving hug from the inside out. I knew that I wasn’t the one manifesting the experience and as certain as I’m sitting here, I also knew in that moment that I had been given this gift of peace from Tawnya.

I had just experienced a remote angelic clearing before I even knew what it was called. At that moment in time, I felt the beginnings of my SHIFT. I had the great pleasure of meeting Tawnya some weeks later and from that time, I’ve had so many other amazing moments in her presence and I’ve learned so much!

Before meeting her, I was always aware that I was on the cusp of an internal shift but was unsure and even afraid to embrace it; feeling adrift. Through Tawnya’s gentle love and guidance, she has been assisting me in tapping into my own power and finding my life’s purpose! I’m in awe of what I’ve discovered as I’ve learned to listen to what the universe has in store for me, much more at peace with myself, and thereby setting the stage for bringing forth what I need and want in this life to succeed.

Enter stage left: a stronger, happier, more capable me in greater awareness. What’s even more amazing is that people around me have become cognizant of my SHIFT. That has allowed me to affect them in love and light and that is truly a powerful feeling…I am currently experiencing life at several OMG’s per minute and I cannot express the gratitude for Tawnya’s knowledge, time, generosity of spirit and unwavering support.

Tawnya has helped me in SO many ways to dump the fear and confusion of my purpose, and she CAN help you to transform as well. She gives wholly from the heart and is ready to assist anyone who is willing and wanting to SHIFT. She has the ability to bring your worth and potential to light…And, she desires for you to acknowledge and embrace abundance which is the outcome of living aligned.

Her gifts and generosity of spirit are rare and beautiful qualities so desperately needed on this planet! Thank you, Tawnya Love. You are an angel; a beacon of truth, love, light and a gift to this world. Your soul sister -Emily”


I Love hearing how deeply our spiritual assistance is transforming these beautiful soul’s lives Thank You Thank You 💗

Namaste, Tawnya Love & Source Oneness

If You’re ready for your own quantum shift into your highest alignment do Not put off your most important priority (YOU) another day, Contact me I would be honored to support Your growth and evolution Now

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