Super Moon Super Fabulous Ascension Opportunities with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 105 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

January 31st, 2018

Blessings Soul Family,

It’s another Super Moon guys, how are you all feeling? If you are a highly sensitive human as I am, you’ve most likely been experiencing some pretty intense energetic shifts over the past couple of months. Some of you may be conscious of these celestial shifts and some of you may be unconscious to them. Truth is, we are all being affected by them and I’d like to support you in understanding these shifts and yourselves a little better as we move through this great Cosmic experience together as a Soul Family.

Many of my coaching/healing clients have been asking me lately, “What is happening out there Tawnya, Holy Mother this energy is intense!”

First of all, we are just moving into another Super Moon experience, and today is the kick off of the final stages from this several month, Super Moon triad. We have indeed been experiencing a lot of Cosmic shifts collectively for months now. And as we enter this next Super Moon, the energies have been very high.

The entire planet is affected by these Super Moons, from the shifts in ocean tides, to increased earthquakes and weather shifts. So that being said, why wouldn’t we be affected? I’ll answer that for you—we are being affected.

Everyone’s experience with these celestial shifts may be experienced in very different ways. For some of you, you may be feeling sluggish and tired with flu like symptoms. While another may be feeling like they are going to spontaneously combust form the intensity of the energy (ummm, Yeahhh). We all will experience this Source energy in our own unique and perfect ways.

However, let me just share that you have the ability to evolve with this new energy or you can choose to resist it. That choice is going to be very important for how smoothly you navigate these incredible, energetic shifts. Like I mentioned, we are all going through this together. How we go through it is up to us and our level of awareness and consciousness.

That being said, I’m just going to give you a little hint….You want to be aware and conscious! Trust me, it’ll make this journey so much more enjoyable.

You may have noticed that you can sense shifts within the Auric field, the energetic field around your human-solid self. Maybe you feel sensations in your physical body, aches, pains, ears tuning in and out of this physical dimension (that one is an interesting sensation). All of it is happening for you.

It’s important that we do not drop our current frequency by focusing our imagination on our unconscious fears. If you notice you are going there, snap out of it as soon as you’re aware and return to conscious awareness. Tune inward rather than distract yourselves from these sensations, and drop into them. Ask your higher awareness for understanding and clarity. Trust me, your higher awareness does know, and if you begin to train yourselves away from believing that you are confused and separate, and instead back into your Source Alignment, then you will receive understanding and clarity every time! But don’t take my word for it; to know this truth you must practice again and again, over and over until you become masterful of your own energy. And let me tell you, there is NOTHING more important for you and your evolutionary expansion. Nothing!

Let us realize that as our planet’s vibrational frequency rises we are a part of this energetic experience, we are One with the earth and we are going through these shifts in evolution together. We are being lifted higher and higher, and when we tune-in to the Cosmic energy we begin to work with it rather than resist it.

This simple choice to go with the energy is a game changer if you’ve been living in resistance for a while—it brings everything back into a nice balance within and without. As our vibrational frequency rises we will begin to consciously choose to shed those limiting belief systems that have caused us unnecessary suffering for years, maybe even lifetimes. We may suddenly drop old programs on how we should be, how we should feel, and so on. This is a Beautiful thing!!!

Be open to shedding and dropping anything that in any way limits your expansion. This means staying alert and aware to our old “programming,” watch those thoughts…You have the Divine right to choose your thoughts, so stop allowing thoughts to control you. Pay attention to those deeply held and often rigid beliefs you repeat to yourself and others every day…“It’s so hard!”…“My life is so challenging”…“I’ll always be this way,” or “‘they’ never change.” These rigid beliefs are affecting every aspect of your physical reality, and it is Divine time in life’s game to remember the rules of conscious creation. Trust me, you want to remember because it will make life so much easier and enjoyable.

The gifts of an expanded awareness include, but are not limited to: Heightened awareness, telepathic connection, psychic knowing and clarity, heightened Intuition, feelings of deep Inner-Peace and connection with all of life (Awesomeness), a sudden shift from the shadow frequency of surviving to a state of Surrendered Trust thriving…It’s all waiting here for you Now, just beyond the programming of, “It’s too Hard,” and, “I’m not enough,” and any other form of judgment we may observe arising in our own minds.

Here’s the deal, it’s time to stop focusing on other people. Stop bitching and complaining about your mom, or your husband, or the freaking President…ALL of that external focus is a distraction away from your true power and potential. Looking “out there” for answers will never help you shift what’s going on “in here.” And, ohhh how we love our complaining—our culture is pretty addicted to negativity. Don’t just believe me, observe for yourself for a couple of days just how often you think negative, limiting thoughts and just how often that energy is reflected back to you through media, friends, family, co-workers and so on.

As an aligned, empowered Mentor/Healer/Coach, I consistently support my clients in redirecting their energy away from, “what they (others) should change,” and back to the only source of true power, “what am I ready and willing to change.” Your life will ignite with power and purpose the moment you focus on your own empowerment. The moment you say goodbye to playing the victim in any way. Trust me, I used to play that victim role so well and it always brought me suffering every time. I am here to support you in co-creating, “A whole new world,” like the song from Aladdin. And the time to begin is always Now!

So back to our 3 Super Moons. Our first occurred on December 3rd of 2017, the second one on January 1st, 2018, and the final of the 3 is kicking off today on January 31st, 2018. These 3 Super Moons have provided us with a huge energetic push forward in our vibrational frequency. Big shifts in consciousness that are highly charged and often intense are happening for you, not to you. For those of us that are highly sensitive, and what I refer to as “Empathic Humans,” you have been well aware of this intense energy for several months now. We’ve experienced heightened geomagnetic energy storms, as well as low periods of geomagnetic energy which lead to heightened Cosmic Ray-waves penetrating our earthly, auric field.

For myself, I can always sense, feel, and understand when we are receiving geomagnetic energy—I feel it like a lightning-bolt hit to my crown chakra. Sensations of tingly energy frequencies, traveling from above my crown beyond my auric field, and flowing down and through my physical body. Often times, this is joined by dizziness and a floaty feeling as if I am losing gravity (hmmm, exciting to see where this leads). I feel very electric and awake, sometimes a little lightning storm in my brain, aka headache that soon passes—especially if I slow down and honor the energetic download and lay down to rest in meditation. Think of your cell-phone and when you update your apps on your phone. The phone gets hot to the touch if you use it, gets glitchy and choppy; it wants to be left alone so it can receive the new information light codes you are giving it. Many humans treat their phones better than they treat their own bodies. I’m going to nudge you to change that habit. Allow yourself down-time, or what I refer to as “going within” time. Turn off your mind and plug into Source in order to Receive. This One thing will do wonders for your physical body, right away.

In regards to Cosmic Rays, I experience these frequencies in a very different way. As our planet drops its protective shields that occur with geomagnetic activity, we begin to receive and feel Cosmic Rays. These are very intense energies of radiation that can really bring us some interesting physical sensations. I can always tell when we are being hit with Cosmic Rays because I feel it like an intense blast to my heart chakra. Bam, shot through the heart! This often is accompanied by heart palpitations and sometimes dizziness or nausea; I often have incredible sensitivity for a brief time to light and sound, and often need to “go within” for a time to receive and process the new light information that my physical self is doing its best to organize. I have moments where I SEE physical matter disappear and pixelate, I begin to see through the holographic projection. I also often feel my hearing switch from this linear, time-based dimension to an expanded Cosmic awareness—listening beyond this physical dimension. This can temporarily alter my equilibrium and sense of physicality.

What I am understanding is that my physical Self is evolving into a higher, expanded awareness via these energetic downloads. I feel we are remembering to let go more and more as we return to our true Source Alignment and State of Oneness via light-frequency. Perhaps when we are ready to fully let go, we shall discover an infinitely connected Being free of any physical form, unless we desire it. Perhaps we are truly evolving/returning into pure energy via our choice and consciousness, rather than by death and circumstance.

Be present with these new arriving energies, be open to releasing old habits and programming in every form from what you choose to feed your body, to how often it needs rest, to consciously choosing which humans and environments are uplifting and supportive of you and which are not…Be willing to release anything and everything that holds you down or back, especially your own beliefs and habits.

Hmmmm, the possibilities are very exciting!

In Infinite Love & Light Tawnya Love 💗

Tawnya Love is a highly trusted and aligned Spiritual Mentor/Guide that has consciously chosen to share her energetic frequencies and light codes with those Aware Souls who are open and ready to receive this Cosmic support and assistance.


For more information on her specialized and unique services, please email her at:

Or, even better text or call her to set up a complimentary, first-time Soul conversation so that she may tune-in to your specific needs and guide you to the most aligned and empowering services that she has available for your specific needs. 💗

Phone: 360.567.7576

(Many of Tawnya’s Services can powerfully and effectively be offered remotely, from the comfort of your own Sacred Space)

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