When the Universe Winks with Mindfulness Master Tawnya Love

Day 111 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Mindfulness Master Tawnya Love

March 5th, 2018

Blessings Soul Family,

Well ever since My Birthday on March 3rd I’ve been seriously, joyously, electricly putting out some Incredible Rockets of Desire…I Thank This Abundant, Awesome Generous Universe for taking care of All of these Magical details….Moments later I open up this magazine and this is what the Universe had to say as a reply:

View image:

YESSSSS 💖 YESSSSS 💖 YESSSSS 💖 WE Are Magnificent, Powerful, Miraculous Miracle Makers!!!!

I AM Miraculous and life flows its Miracles through me and to me!

I AM A Powerful Magician and life flows its Magic through me and to me!

This is Truth for me and for You!

What Really counts? What is it that WE are responsible for?

Our chosen thoughts, our chosen emotions, our chosen responses, our chosen expectations, our chosen vibrations….You handle that part & This Awesome, Miraculous, Abundant Universe Will totally take care of the rest.

Divine Awesome Unshakable Truth ✌️😎👊


What Magic Will We Co-create Today?

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