Our New York Times Best Selling Ascension Manual is Manifesting!!! With Wayshower Tawnya Love

Beloved Soul Family,

I have Consciously laid down 35,414 words and have now completed 6 full life shifting, soul activating chapters in our Divinely Inspired & Channeled Ascension Manual!!!

This Book is filled with rich, simple and often entertaining wisdom that if accessed and embodied Will absolutely change our many created world’s for the better!

I had to include this great soul and his wisdom as a powerful quote in our book. Ohhh I’m so excited for You All to have this book and to receive hundreds of thousands of letters about all of the Awesomeness you’ve all consciously chosen to focus on and expand in your choosen realities as a result of focusing on and embodiyng the wisdom from our book.

Namaste, ✨🙏✨ Tawnya Love Conscious Creation Jedi Master ✨


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