The Truth about Manifestation with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 124 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

April 2nd, 2018

Happy Spring Beloved Soul Family,

Today I am feeling Inspired to speak on aligned Manifestation. I’ve been diligently and joyously laying down beautiful words of wisdom and support in my Ascension Manual. Please allow yourself to receive a little nugget of what Source Consciousness and I have processed so far. Know that You may Enjoy your own process & journey Always regardless of circumstance! ✨🦋✨

First of all let us get clear on what Manifestation is Not. Manifestation isn’t attracting something from “out there” towards us that isn’t Already “in here” within us.

In truth there is only the Experience of an “out there” in regards to all of our chosen creations. Manifestation is when WE shift our Inner frequency to the point where what is Already “inside” of us Here and Now appears in our “outer” experience/reality.

Now we suddenly see it mirroring back to us in a physical experience/reality “out there” and it’s as if we are suddenly moving with a New Reality. In truth the manifestation has been “in here” available all along, we just weren’t able to perceive it from our Old chosen frequency or channel.

Imagine for a moment that your sitting in front of your television. You have hundreds of potential channels available for you to watch and experience. All of these possible realities are happening Now simultaneously. However you must choose one channel, one frequency that you’d like to experience Now. So You choose a channel, you may sit for hours just scanning and flipping through possibilities. You may never actually commit to deeply connecting with any one show, that is your choice.

Imagine however that you do choose a channel, let’s choose channel 34. For fun we’ll say this channel is broadcasting Grey’s Anatomy, and now imagine that every day You actually choose to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Soon, you will begin to perceive that show as YOUR Reality because You’re the one watching it so often, you are deeply committed to this reality. So you keep tuning in, and observing it. It can start to feel like your familiar place, and if you’re not aware you can begin to believe it’s your reality and get stuck on this channel.

Now anytime we FEEL ready to observe/watch and experience a different Reality we can simply choose to Switch channels/frequencies. Suddenly we’ve changed the channel from 34, the one we used to watch so much that it felt like us. Now we are choosing to watch and experience channel 72.

Imagine this channel shows us all of the potential experiences available for us in this great cosmic ocean of consciousness. On this channel we can create and become connected with anything. Some humans may feel uncomfortable at first in observing this channel or reality because it FEELS so different than the one they were used to watching. Some humans will quickly change the channel and go back to what they know on channel 34, because ahhh it’s so familiar & we know what to expect on this channel.

In life, WE are all free to choose that which we wish to observe, experience, and connect with. Nobody chooses the channel for us; we may have other humans attempting to force us to watch their chosen channels/realities, however it is Always our choice if we choose to watch or choose to switch the channel.

Why would a human choose to experience a painful channel/reality? There may be many reasons this soul has chosen this particular channel. First of all, this soul may simply wish to understand this frequency more and so they have stopped here to watch, learn, and experience something. Sometimes souls who choose a channel to learn from may forget that they chose it and start to distort their reality by pretending and Feeling that this channel is who they are. They may temporarily feel stuck here with their eyes glued to the virtual screen of their choosen reality. However, no one “out there” is forcing them to watch it, forcing their eyes to be glued in this reality, rather they are choosing it.

So we can see that as free souls we have the freedom and power to choose. Let’s see if we can understand another reason why a human would choose to feel stuck in a chosen reality/channel. Let’s imagine for a moment this soul becomes attached to the various characters co-creating/co-starring on this particular channel. We can call these other souls/characters by any name or title we like. We may call one character mom and one dad, we may create siblings or extended family. We may experience Love or its polar opposite on this channel. The choices are truly Infinite.

For some of us that once chose a painful & abusive channel, in a moment we may arrive to the point where we’ve had enough. We are Done watching this channel, we have experienced enough of this pain. We perhaps have even become bored watching the same old drama day in and day out, we know what is coming because we’ve watched this show for so long. So we first must realize that we desire to watch something else. Then we can choose to switch channels. And there’s no need for guilt, no need for blame, pain or shame–leave all that energy on the initial channel where it belongs.

The first step in switching channels is to first realize and remember that you are watching a channel; that what you are watching is Not who You Are and is Not Your Reality. It is one possible reality on one chosen channel. Remember, there are Infinitely more channels available for you to connect with as you desire.

Once this soul has remembered Who they are (the observer/watcher) they can now choose a New channel to observe. It’s so simple, it’s Not hard or difficult at all to change the channel on your television right? Well, it’s that simple to change the channel/frequency in your life. It’s simply a choice!

What do we think makes it hard to change? Well first of all if WE believe something is Hard, or Challenging, or Difficult, well then it has to show up for you in that way. We are the ones Creating the next experience from our Chosen thoughts and expectations. If we expect/believe something is Hard, then Hard it will be for us.

However, if we catch these distorted thoughts, if we realize they are Not who we are, that they are Not the ultimate truth, then we can change them, we can release those old thoughts that caused us to continue creating suffering and limitation.

So now that we realize that switching frequencies is as simple as switching the channel on our television, what will we each choose to watch/experience? Anything WE desire, anything WE choose. That is what we will connect deeply with and that is what we will begin to perceive as our New Reality. Do be mindful in what you “Tune-Into” for if you lose your higher awareness, you will believe it is Who You have “Turned into!”

So back to why we might refuse to change our channel. Attachment, Attachment, Attachment. Many of us become attached to the drama, the pain, and the suffering it FEELS so damn familiar. So we hold on to it and call it ours, it’s just an old familiar feeling. As long as we cling to it we cannot let go of it. We cannot change the channel if we have our thumb held down on that one channel. Some of us are attached to the other characters and so no matter how much we desire to watch a different channel we hold onto those characters and we stay stuck on their channel. They are characters that have chosen this channel, you may choose to interact with other characters on other channels any time you choose.

In truth you are Not attached to anyone outside of you, you are all droplets of the same vast cosmic ocean of consciousness. However, you are all free individual droplets who have the power of choice–Divine Free Will. You can Not lose anyone, in truth. You can change channels and interact with new characters and switch back every now and then to connect with old characters on other channels if you desire. Any of you who only choose to visit the characters you were born to a couple times a year or maybe less, understand this. And you don’t need to ever feel guilty about switching channels, guilt is an energy that keeps you stuck on that old familiar channel, so let it go!

You can watch anything you Like, or you can watch anything you Don’t like. The choice is Always, Always yours. Focusing on what you Don’t like keeps you on that channel. So if you’ve had enough of that stuff you don’t like, stop focusing on that channel. Switch the channel and search for channels playing what you Love. There’s a genius idea ✨😆✨

For those of you who know it’s time to change channels, relax and flip that switch with excitement of the new experiences that you’ll now have, FEEL Excited for the New characters you’ll co-create/co-star with in your New chosen Reality. Just remember, it’s only one potential Reality so choose to remain Awake and Aware that you are Not the channels you choose to watch…You are and will Always BE the observer/creator choosing what you’d like to observe/create next! So be mindful of that Divine Truth.

Enjoy this Experience of flipping channels & experiencing different frequencies. It can truly be fun, joyous, and even exciting if You allow it!


✨ that character many call Tawnya Love aka Source Consciousness Observing & Co-creating it All with Joy Freedom & Gratitude ✨

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