It’s Time to Create Your Dream with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 125 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

April 5th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

Today I was contemplating how grateful I am that a job I had previously thought was where I was belonging at the time didn’t work out. At the time, it was a bit shocking in how hurtful the other human/actor involved chose to treat me. However, today as I stood getting dressed in the morning I had a huge smile of Gratitude. I even feel gratitude in how nasty this human chose to be. Because it made it super easy for me to discern that this was Not where I belonged.

I left, and since making that choice to Love myself and Never tolerate less than what I know is best for me, I have been Thriving in Every way! I am happier, healthier, more at ease, wealthier, and more excited for the important things in My Own Life that I am consciously Creating. Had that nasty moment Not occurred, I might still be hanging out passively in someone else’s dream.

How often are we doing that? Passively Hanging out inside someone else’s dream? Procrastinating yet another day on actually manifesting our Own Dream? I definitely have done this, and more than once. But I’m not choosing that any longer and I focus on that. I focus on All that I can find to observe in my life that I Love and Appreciate and All those things I Love and Appreciate keep on Expanding baby! It’s Amazing this opportunity we have chosen to BE here and to choose to focus on Creating what We Love.

I Love Sharing my own transparent, vulnerable truth and story first because I Love it & feels good, and second because if I even Inspire one other human to wake-up and take their life back as a conscious creator, Well then I have Hit the Jackpot Baby!!!

Since leaving that smaller life I had outgrown, I’ve almost completed an incredible book I’ve felt wanting to flow out of me for years. I’ve almost completed this amazing Ascension Manual that I know is going to change the world of anyone who reads it and embodies the wisdom. I started writing it 3 weeks ago, I feel I will have it completed within a month. So incredible that I took charge and I have created this gift that will be shared with Billions of humans throughout time. Now that’s what you create when you stop hanging out passively in other people’s dreams baby!

I truly, truly encourage You All to take a good honest look at your lives, observe what you’ve created, co-created and make sure you’re not just hanging out passively in someone else’s dream tolerating. Go Manifest Your dream, my heart Knows that what this world Really needs is More humans who are consciously living Their Authentic Life…More courageous humans who are Consciously Creating the Life of their Highest Dreams. ✨🦋✨

Think of All the Magic that is ready to Be created by happy excited humans doing what they were born to do!!! I left and I Now completely Live and Thrive in a state of Complete Surrendered Trust 💗 Life keeps giving to me, Supporting me, clients keep choosing to work with me. Life is even better than it was when I used to play small and hang out procrastinating my own Expansion. I didn’t die. You won’t die if you let go of what is not truly yours. So let it go already & start enjoying your own Conscious Flow. ✨🦋✨

Namaste & Thanks for participating in this moment of my dreaming 💗 Tawnya Love

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