Lucid Dreaming with Wayshower Tawnya Love

April 6th, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

I woke up this morning after going through a very vivid lucid dream experience. I shared this with my Beloved William & felt Guided to share with any of you whom feel this may be important. I recall before falling asleep last night that I felt lots of energy moving through my body particularly my heart, the left side of my brain and my left arm.

Namaste 💞🙏💞 Tawnya Love

“Apparently in another dimension/reality we have a child. My experience was so vivid and full of detail. I saw large loading areaas where all these vehicles came up and just went through cities in this place doing genetic testing on everyone. I saw all the military looking crew and got a sick feeling from it and pushed back. I refused to let them test me but they came in and took me against my will. I saw a sheet with all these different races on it. They had timelines of when different races would get to lead/rule at any given time in our history. There were mostly white looking in their appearance races being chosen to lead on this sheet/map laying out. And I saw all these tribal races and aboriginal races on the sheet that we’re supposed to get their leadership power back after the 1900 era. Yet I observed them the misaligned military looking beings manipulating things bumping this timeline out. I could FEEL their concern they didn’t want those who had displayed great spiritual alignment and awareness in positions of power. They knew they could manipulate these other races so they assisted in holding them in this position of power on the timeline.

I wouldn’t allow them to test me at first because I knew I was a mix of native and several white races. I knew they would see that and I’d be separated from my people. I knew they had also been watching me observing my strengths and gifts.

(I searched the internet this morning for an image that looks like the place, it was sort of like this image)

It was so vivid! There was a point where they came back, after the time I first remembered where they genetically tested all of us against our free will. This time they came in and we’re taking the babies they had created artificially with our DNA. I had been Tuning In on them ever since they showed me they were out of alignment. I had been tracking them and I found them. They didn’t like having someone tuning in and observing them.

They had our child she is a beautiful mixture of our DNA and they wanted these children because they needed hosts for their own hybrid DNA experiments/creations. They had been observing us and watching our gifts so they could take from us for their own gain.

So bizzare and yet so clear in my mind I heard the name of the misaligned ones they were called the “Galactic Federation” at least that is what some of the military looking ones called those that appeared to be in charge.

I remember grabbing our daughter to take her back and they showed up swiftly and took her from me. When I went to get her back they dissolved her and transfered her to another dimension. They then dissolved as well and I lost them.

When that happened I was so upset I woke up instantly. So freaking Real, so much detail. I feel I just stuck my Head/Consciousness into another Reality and saw a lot of what’s going on in a bigger way than many of us understand here. Perhaps there have been soul contracts and agreements for this to occur. However the FEELING I had was that for me personally I was Not into it and didn’t approve or desire to participate.

All the abductions have been Real and this is what they’ve been doing with all the DNA samples of all of the many races for their own manipulative projects/creations. WOW! Still processing all of this. I went to bed in a very calm meditative state by the way.

Contemplating the higher meaning of this. ✨💗✨

Blessings to All

✨ MindfulnessMastery888.Com ✨

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