Conscious Creation Activation with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 126 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

April 6th, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

I have a Fun and Powerful game to play with You All Today if you’re interested in joining in. I Observe that many human’s struggle with the concept of Shifting energetic channels/frequencies. So rather than choosing to remain focused upon that which you Love and Desire. Many don’t see instant results in there external reality and so they go back into that fearful, lackful space of unconscious creation.

The key to quantum leaping is a steady consistent held Vibration. So we must remember the empowering ways in which we can support our New Reality before it has shown up in our physical external world.

Let’s take for example that you want a particular kind of relationship. If you’ve had a traumatic, painful or negetive experience in your past creations you may not mean to, but you often focus unconsciously on the fear of recreating that situation again. If you remain unconsciously vibrating here you Will in fact manifest that which you do not want, even while Affirming all the things You want Now.

Our intelligent Universe FEELS what you are emitting/vibrating at all times. So if your emitting loss, or lack or fear, or doubt.. well that’s what your asking for unconsciously and the Universe is Always listening.

Therefore it may not be helpful for you to focus too hard, on manifesting this particular relationship. However you can choose to focus on things that do make you feel good. And once you get that energetic momentum going for even a few minutes you may then keep building that momentum with affirmations you Do Believe are True for You. And you can Allow the more Aligned relationship to simply show up as a result of your inner Alignment.

Once you’ve built up this High Vibrational Energy Shift within go ahead and visualize anything your now ready to create from this space of Expansion & Alignment and You will Powerfully draw towards you an external Manifestation that matches your inner vision and frequency.

Here are a few examples of what You can choose to think and state out loud now (if they feel true for you) speak for as long as you can keep this energy flowing 5 min-1 hour you choose. Just keep the momentum going as long as feels fun and Know that You Are in the process of Manifesting Your chosen Reality Now, and Now and Now….it never ends so Relax & Enjoy the process of Manifesting Your Wildest Dreams as Physical Reality 💞🙏💞

Okay Ready, Go! Have fun stating these New truths aloud with fun and excitement, Creation is Fun!!!

I Have the Potential to Create Everything that I Love 💗 & Desire!

I Am getting clearer and clearer in that which I am creating consciously right Now!

Already I am feeling and seeing improvement in my life!

I know that I AM One with this Universe & that it is Abundant!

I know that Every Billionaire once stood where I am standing before receiving their Billions!

I am SEEING Miracles and Abundance Everywhere and I know I am receiving my Share!

I know that my personal Manifestation practice works, I Am seeing results everyday in the most Magical ways!

I Love Abundance 🦋 I Love Receiving & Manifesting Abundance it’s fun!

I have fun looking for Abundance in my own life it’s a fun game I choose to play!

I’m looking forward to All the gifts this Abundant Universe is delivering to me!

I Love receiving my steady stream of Abundance✨!

I enjoy looking for everything I am thankful for and I see more of it showing up!

I Love knowing that I Am the most powerful creator in my reality!

I Love my freedom to create whatever I desire🧚!

I Love the FEELING of Expansion!

I Love Experiencing Change and Transformation it is so fun!

I Love sharing my gifts, Love and Abundance from the wisdom of my heart!

I Love the✨ FEELING ✨I have when I Celebrate everything in my life!

My life just keeps getting better and better and this Abundant Universe Love’s giving to me!

That should be good to get some nice momentum going for you all, enjoy speaking and thinking and FEELING these New choices everyday & observe with fun and ease All the magic you start to manifest!

It’s fun to create, it’s a process so relax, let go, look for things you Love, Celebrate everything You Love and enjoy your process and flow ✨💗✨

Blessings Tawnya Love

Contact me for Private Life Shifting Sessions here: 🦋 MindfulnessMastery888.Com 🦋

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