The Moment You Choose Consciousness with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 127 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

April 11th, 2018

Blessings Beautiful Soul Family,

What exactly is consciousness anyway? I believe it is self-realization and awareness. And I know that the moment each of us chooses to BE in a state of Awareness we are allowing Consciousness to flow through our experience.

There is great power in choosing Consciousness, as this choice opens up higher awareness into our life situations. It opens the doors for solution, understanding and liberation.

So why do so many of us choose to remain in a shadow state of unconscious creation? I believe it is one simple reason…Fear. When we are afraid to SEE, afraid to KNOW, afraid to UNDERSTAND, WE hold ourselves prisoners in our unconscious creations.

Fear is the only underlying reason one would choose to remain unconscious. And once we choose to live with greater courage and allow Love to guide every one of our decisions, we invite the Beautiful Supporting flow of consciousness into our lives. We allow the doors of solution, resolution, and freedom to swing open again.

So many hurting humans are simply choosing over and over again from a state of fear, and as long as humans choose from fear they will create unconsciously that which they do Not want. Excessive Inner noise & chatter show up as turbulence in One’s external reality, if left running unconsciously.

So one could say that clearing fear is pretty freaking important if we choose to create that which we Love and Want, Yes? I Love observing hurting humans who have forgotten their power enter my healing space or connect with us on a remote Coaching Session in one frequency, only to step out of our healing space or get off the phone from a Soul Activating Session in a completely different frequency.

These souls walk away in a higher Vibrational Frequency and Vibrational Alignment and it shows up on every level of their Being. I know that We are Not solid nor are we stuck in any particular frequency. I see it with my own eyes daily during our life-shifting sessions. I watch a human shape-shift before my own eyes…When they choose to invite Consciousness into their experience, when they choose Love over Fear.

I Observe how it often takes a certain sense of linear time to get ourselves “Out” of our desired Vibrational Alignment. And therefore it often takes a certain amount of linear time to get back “Into” our highest Alignment. It is a process and one that requires Your commitment, Your Love and Care, and Your Choice to remain Conscious no matter what may arise.

I welcome You today to reach out to me and make that commitment to Enter The most important moment of your life with Complete Consciousness, This Moment Now!

You can change your life around, You can improve anything you’ve created, You can Choose to Live Consciously and it is my absolute honor to assist and support You in Your Transformational Process…How May I Serve & Support Your Growth & Expansion?

Infinite Love & Light, Tawnya Love

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