Moving into The New Energy with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 130 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

With Tawnya Love

May 8th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

For those of you who desire change & transformation, you’ve got to start thinking in new ways. You must drop your past (experiences, expectations, limitations) in order to allow the New Energy in. Allow yourself to be comfortable with Not knowing everything, you’re moving into a New Energy you’ve never been in before.

It is vital that you speak to your cells, your DNA with New Affirmations. Your Consciousness Rules All! Therefore, you must speak clearly to your mind, body, and Higher Self in regards to The Newness you are ready to move into. Be Incredibly Mindful with everything you think and everything you are expecting. If you are still expecting from that old energy place of what you used to get, or how they used to be, or what used to happen, then you will remain stuck in the karmic loop of past experiences. Why? Because you are commanding it as so through your thoughts, feelings and expectations.

Again I repeat, allow yourself to be comfortable with Not knowing. While at the same time Consciously choosing to emit a frequency of Gratitude, Joy and an openness to walk into the New with Surrendered Trust.

Let us Remember this is an eternal journey, there is no rush and nothing to fear. Your Consciousness holds all of your creative power. Therefore focus on, talk about, think about, affirm and command All those New things you now desire to experience. Remain centered within, your balance is your highest priority. Your balance supports yourself as well as those around you. Your Suffering, your sacrifice adds to the heaviness of the misaligned collective. It is Not helping anyone outside of you if it is causing you to suffer.

Expect the best, expect to live longer, expect that you hold Incredible magic and creative power within yourself, expect Miracles. Remember that You Are One with Source God. You are never separate, All is available for your creative pleasure if you command it as so. Ask your higher self…What do I wish to Create/Experience Now? Allow space for solution, ingenuity and creativity. Give yourself permission to Create what has never been created before.

Your full Realignment with All that is will Take as long as you believe it will take. Relax and enjoy the creative journey, choose what you Love Consciously. Create Consciously and you will never again have to struggle or fear change.

Practice daily looking into your mirror and telling yourself how worthy and deserving you are. Look deeply into your own eyes and feel the greatest compassion for all your Eternal Soul has seen and Experienced, and then drop the past. Drop the karma, tell your cells, your DNA, “Alright everyone we are dropping our past karma right Now! Things are going to change from now on.”

Talk to yourself daily (I enjoy this very much, talk to your cells calling forth Wholeness and Alignment, talk to your mind calling forth clarity and awareness, talk to your higher self calling forth guidance and direction, talk to the Universe you are One with calling forth All that You Now desire! Speak it out loud, speak it silently and Remember Consciousness Rules All of Creation!!!

Let me remind you that yes you have fought and battled for lifetimes, yes you used to struggle. But that is the Old Energy, you must Now drop it if you desire change. You must release that thing you have carried with you…A lack of self worth. You Are Worthy, You Are Deserving…It is time to remember your Divinity and Show the World Your Mastery! ✨🙏✨

Your Alignment supports this New Energy occurring on this planet, Your Light is Supporting this New Energy occurring on this planet. ✨ SHINE, RELAX & BE ✨

Namaste 💞🙏💞 Tawnya Love and This Abundant Intelligent Universe

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