Creating an Abundant State of Mind with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 134 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

With Tawnya Love

May 31, 2018

Happy Day Beloved Soul Family,

✨ True Abundance is all about our perspective & state of mind. By choosing to focus upon all that we appreciate we nourish an inner environment that attracts and opens us to receive even more abundance. Focus upon all the goodness you already do have and all that you are.

Remembering to be mindful of the spiritual truth of that which we focus upon expands. Therefore by shifting our focus upon gratitude, for ourselves and the goodness that surrounds us and is flowing to us, our abundance must follow.

Be mindful that you remain centered in the present moment, rather than being obsessed with an unknown future, or by dwelling and focusing upon a past that is over. Our True Power is Here Now. ✨

Namaste 💞🙏💞 Tawnya Love & the Angels

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