Reclaiming Our Freedom with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 135 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

With Tawnya Love

June 1st, 2018

Beloved Soul Family,

Here is a very intense dream that I woke up from this morning:

I had this intense dream where I was at this school of some kind surrounded by water. We the children were taken from our homes to be “educated” and so it was presented like some kind of kindness and honor by the kidnapping, misaligned humans. Our parents surrendered us without a thought or question. Once we arrived at this desolate place we were broken up into groups taken away from anyone we knew. Then the games really started, they filled our minds with rules and regulations. And we were drilled every day to see how much we retained. I could tell no one was even questioning this controlling system. But I was watching with my eyes wide open. And I wanted out! I was Incredibly intelligent in my own natural way and I refused to be conditioned and broken to BE what “they” felt was appropriate. And I was noticed and I was beaten, set up and publicly humiliated. All in an attempt to tame me because I was dangerous they said.

I was dangerous to their efforts of brainwashing every child that had been ripped from their homes and families. I saw clearly that our freedom had been stripped from us and I wanted my freedom back and was willing to fight and be beaten for it.

I recall the end of the dream they were searching for me, the ones in charge. I had become more and more skilled at hiding. But one of them finally found me and blew this loud horn thing to draw all the good little brainwashed children and leaders forward to the center of our dwelling. They began announcing my crimes, and publicly sharing all of my weaknesses and places I was failing as one of their citizens (their perspective not mine). I knew they wanted to break me down mentally by doing this. So as they spoke I had become creative at drowning out their hateful words with my own inner song. When they attempted to beat me and break me physically I just threw my arms outstretched and looked up into the sky. I could still speak but I hadn’t spoken in weeks by choice. Suddenly I felt a power growing within myself that could no longer be contained and I shouted as loud as a human could possibly shout.. FREEDOM!!! I turned in every direction and shouted again and again… FREEDOM!!!! The hateful humans disappeared into a blur Absolute terror on their faces. Of me? Of the only human amongst them that refused to surrender their innate freedom. And then in a flash a power beyond their control engulfed me body and soul and I disappeared! So Real, so Intense!

I intuitevely know this is a real experience I went through before in past and current lifetime’s. And I know who I AM! I will Always BE an aware messenger of Love & Freedom!!!! Always ✨🦋✨ I also feel it’s Incredibly symbolic for our current society and what we do to our intelligent children.

Namaste 💞🙏💞 Tawnya Love


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