Want a better life? You must choose! W Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 136 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

By Tawnya Love

June 2nd, 2018

Listen up my sisters & my brothers, I used to have parents who loved to remind me of how unworthy I was. Then I had a husband who Loved to remind me of the same. I attracted business owners, bosses who enjoyed preaching that same message.

Then one day I said, Fuck That! I remembered I was Source God manifested as a human and I was Fucking Worthy!!! I remembered I held All the power in my own Reality I chose to create. I remembered I was Love, Eternal, Infinite Unshakable Love. I remembered I was Incredibly Powerful, Intelligent & Capable.

And soooo….I realigned with the Spiritual Truth & dropped all the bullshit I’d been conditioned to believe. I walked my path alone for awhile in regards to being partner free and I Loved the shit out of myself. I began to notice the slightest shift in energy as others tried to manipulate or control me and I walked away quickly.

I had tests, I had plenty of hurting, manipulative humans try to force me to bow down and ignore my own Wisdom and Intelligence. Many of them threatening me and lashing out at me when I refused to bow down and follow. I forgave them all one by one and kept walking, kept climbing, kept leaping and I grew stronger and wiser and my super powers Blossomed and Illuminated from within me.

Now I am enjoying the most beautiful, peaceful, harmonious life experience beyond what I could even imagine years ago. I now have an incredible Beloved Soul Companion who Loves, honors, cherishes and supports me in every imaginable way. I now have a soul child who does the same and adores having me for her mother.

Life is Beautiful and Abundant where ✨ I AM ✨ and I know that in this life I am thriving rather than surviving, though this life could only be mine by my choices. No one gave me my power back, no other could open my eyes or mind but me. No one could make me leave abusive situations or people…I chose to move in new directions. I chose to remember my worth. I chose to Love myself and tolerate nothing less than Love. And those choices changed every aspect of my Purposeful Life! I had to make New choices!

So for my sisters, and yes my brothers too, do yourselves a Big Ass Favor and Choose to BE True to You! You have this New moment right here, so what do you choose today?

Ahhhh, the power of choices are beyond words transformative. Don’t just take my word for it, start living it!

Namaste, Tawnya Love ✨ Warrior Goddess Wayshower ✨💗✨


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