Contemplate this! With Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 140 of Mindfulness Mastery

by Tawnya Love

June 19th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

I invite you in joining me in contemplation. Many humans are afraid of looking within. Afraid of observing their own thoughts. They avoid examining them and observing them. These humans choose instead to accept the beliefs of others “out there,” rather than listen to their wisdom “within.” Such choices distort data from within & without and pinch us off from our Truth.

Think about this for a moment, all beliefs are man-made. All systems are man-made. From the limiting beliefs of Religion, to the limiting beliefs of Science. It is important to remember this important factor in creation. Far too many humans cling to and continue to distort sacred truth because of their limiting beliefs.. Again, all man-made mind you.

The Science I was taught to believe in as a child is not the same Science we’re being told to believe in now. Technologies we were taught to believe in as children are not the same technologies being taught today.

We are creative beings that’s for certain, creatively structuring and projecting new limitations and beliefs constantly. Why do we do it? For fun? From fear? From habit?

What I have learned is that there will be an Abundant amount of humans in our lives that will show up “Telling us” what is so. Telling us what is or is not possible. Telling us who we are and what we should believe. An Abundant amount of humans so we must remain present at all times by checking in and feeling for our truth.

In truth there is no conflict between our Intuitive self and our conscious mind. It only seems that way when we as individuals avoid facing and clearly receiving all the important information that is arising in our conscious mind. We often feel it will be easier if we just avoid the necessary adjustments in behavior that our self awareness would provide us. We often begin to accept and collect others beliefs rather than knowing ourselves. Then we make statements saying that we are so confused.

For example, when we feel our body giving us the signal that something doesn’t FEEL right and aligned we will often have inner signals occurring to grab our attention. We may notice that our emotional body is not at ease, or that our physical body is not able to function correctly. These are sacred moments offering us yet another opportunity for change and evolution. We must choose to trust our inner self rather than fearing it’s signals. Otherwise we will continue to suppress and deny our own inner wisdom and guidance and we will create suffer.

The beliefs we choose to attach to seem to hold great power over us. When in truth a belief is just a thought we’ve chosen to think and attach ourselves to. For example: If you believe that you must accept your difficulties, or that you have karma that you must continue to carry, then this very belief can prevent you from solving your problems and releasing old energy. We begin then to identify with others limitations and we then manifest them for ourselves.

What I have learned is that I have the Divine Freedom & Right to believe in what “they say” or to believe in myself, my own inner awareness and knowing. This choice takes presence and courage. Believing in what others “out there” say requires nothing we simply follow. Whether an external being tells us that we are amazing and gifted in a particular area or that they feel we are weak and insignificant is always that human beings perspective coming from their open presence or their limited and distorted consciousness. It is vital that we remain unattached to external comments and criticisms, and that we remember to remain alert, aware and present with our inner spaciousness and Source alignment.

What a convenient way to place all blame upon others, what a great way to be the perpetual victim of our life movie. When we simply follow what others tell us.

I make the choice daily to observe, FEEL and remain aware in my own life’s creation. I constantly reject, delete and move around other’s projected limitations’ and fears. I do not believe in them just because “they” have been spoken to me, regardless of who’s doing the speaking. This is an important Self-Love & Self-Awareness mastery tool. We begin to identify with others limitations and we then accept those limitations and begin to manifest them for ourselves calling them the truth. Awareness is vital for each of us if we desire a life of freedom and liberation.

Think about this for a moment, if there were suddenly no such thing as Science what would remain? If there were no such thing as Religion what would be here? Can we recognize that all of these systems that we love Creating and all of the beliefs we hold are like little boxes we create and place labels on to help us feel safe in a mysterious unlimited universe? All of them are man-made, 3-dimensional ideas we’ve manifested and then marked as truth. Which we soon desire to project upon others as fact from our own inner fear and doubt.

I ask you to contemplate this…What remains when all the man-made boxes are removed?

Namaste ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ž Tawnya Love & Source Oneness


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