Everything is happening for a reason with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 139 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

By Tawnya Love

June 19th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

I want to ask you a question, do you feel everything that is happening in your life’s movie is happening for a Divine reason? Contemplate this question for as long as necessary, allow yourself to open up to the truth.

From the perspective of my consciousness, everything indeed is occurring and manifesting for my own good. I understand this Divine Truth. There was a time however, when I resided and identified in a lower vibration. My unconscious perspective judged things, people and events as good or bad. I judged myself in the same way.

Life kept flowing, I kept evolving and growing and I chose to BE a Conscious aware Creator. I share this in hopes of inspiring everyone of you that has been Divinely guided here to read these words. There is a purpose to your being here right now. There is a purpose to every painful moment you’ve ever experienced or endured. There is a purpose for all the miracles and joy you’ve experienced. It’s all happening for you. Do you realize that?

I would have to say that about 95% of the time I’m experiencing Bliss, Love, Honor, Peace & Abundance in my own sacred life. Then there is that small and yet powerful part of my life where there are moments of tension, conflict, and one might even say chaos. These are the moments and experiences that many humans try to avoid, suppress, or ignore in hopes they’ll just go away, right?

What I have learned on my Mindfulness Mastery path is that every moment is a sacred and valuable gift. Every experience is manifesting to support our own Evolution. Recently I experienced such a sacred moment, I wrote about it in my previous Mindfulness Mastery Blog. Now granted, this experience was incredibly upsetting, hurtful and painful. And yet, I know it happened for a Divine reason.

Often we want growth to just happen, we hope everyone in our life will just be Conscious and Loving. We often remain stuck vibrationally because we are terrified of the opportunity for ascension and evolution. We often dwell in pain and discomfort for years, ignoring our inner voice telling us repeatedly to “just let go already!” And we suffer.

Many humans have been conditioned to attach to people, environments, ideas…You name it, it’s often taught that we must cling and attach if we wish to survive. Be honest with yourself, have you noticed any areas of your life where you are presently clinging? Have you recognized that pattern in your life and how it makes you feel? I encourage you to start really paying attention. Because if you choose to have the courage to SEE clearly, to recognize that this moment is occurring for your highest growth and evolution, then this awareness can absolutely change your life in beautiful and mysterious ways.

I have learned to SEE clearly, I’ve learned to recognize the signs that my higher self offers me in my life’s movie. For example, with the painful situation I recently experienced I could FEEL how out of alignment forcing myself to be around these hurting, hurtful humans felt to me. I could SEE the fear they chose to focus on. I could FEEL my own vibration being challenged every time we forced ourselves to hang out.

I had to ask myself, why is this Manifesting? Why am I experiencing this in my Blissful life movie? This hurts, this is so familiar, this reminds me of other people and situations I worked so hard to release. So why are they choosing to behave this way? Why do I keep coming back?

I had to detach from any emotional need I may have had going on within. For example: The need for aligned, unconditional parental Love–something I haven’t truly experienced in this lifetime. I had to recognize that I had that need going on within myself. I had to release myself from that Illusion. Because it is an illusion, isn’t it…That belief that we need humans to give us something we feel we need. I had to realign and remember that I AM One with Source God…Always!

Source God is my unconditionally Loving Mother & Father. My employer, my Beloved. When I choose to remain aligned with the Divine Truth. Well it’s easier to see the human characters for what they really are. They are characters in my life’s movie. They are also One with Source God. Therefore, they in their alignment have all they need in truth.

It is when we completely forget about Divine Truth, when we forget the importance of our inner alignment that we suffer. For when we remain aligned within we realize that all we need is given. We remember that we are worthy. We remember that we are Infinite and Abundant children of the light and All fear disappears and Love lights the way.

You see, if you’re connected in the slightest way with your inner self you will always recognize when you’re aligned within or not because you will FEEL fear every time you’re out of your alignment. You will FEEL Love every time you choose to remain aligned. It’s actually very simple to recognize. The issue is so many of us are ignoring anything that is going on inside of ourselves. Many would much rather sit in judgement of what others should be doing. That seems easier, to just judge what “They do” rather than have true courage and responsibility to look within.

I’ll tell you a little secret, everything you’re needing to understand is inside of yourself. All of your problems can be healed and transformed if you’ll just have the courage to do your own inner alignment check. It truly doesn’t matter if those people “out there” choose to SEE you clearly, or Love and honor you for being you. Don’t give your power away to others, it’s never a wise choice.

What matters most in your life movie? Do you SEE yourself clearly? Are You aligned with your Source within? Do You Love yourself unconditionally? Are You honoring yourself at all times? Does this energy FEEL Loving and Supportive?

These are THE most important questions we can ever check-in on. This is how we detach, disconnect from pain and evolve forward. WE hold that power at all times. WE must choose what we will or will not tolerate. And by making these most important choices we Evolve ourselves into higher Vibrational Spaces, we call forth Higher Vibrational humans to co-create with us in our great life movie.

Truth is we are never truly stuck, we always have the freedom to choose that which is best for us…Yes, it’s important and aligned for each of us to make the choices that are best for us! That is Self Love my friends and all that Love you think you need from “out there” is an illusion. What we all really need is to remember to remain Aligned within so that we can BE the Love in this world. Everything else will fall into place if we just Master this one Important thing… Inner Alignment.

I did a reading for myself after this traumatic experience happened. The cards I drew were so perfect and inspired me to write from my heart in this Mindfulness Mastery Blog today.

(Hawaiian Healing Intentions cards by Donna Elizabeth Jason & Ha’alilio Solomon)

The first card is titled: Nurturing, to honor, protect and care for. A beautiful reminder that it is vital and important to remember to nurture and care for ourselves. It’s not a wise choice to ever go to hurting humans who are not nurturing themselves and expect to receive nurturing or care from them. Think about it, how can they give you something they refuse to give themselves? Nurture yourself.

Caring for and honoring ourselves is the most important aspect of being able to truly care for and honor others. Self-Love supports us and enables us to cultivate and share our own Divine gifts. When we FEEL whole, Aligned, Healthy, Loved and Supported, we thrive. We must realign with this inner state of abundance if we wish to nurture and care for anyone else.

The message on my card is this: My intention is to nurture, honor, protect and care for myself and to create sacred space in my life for my authentic self to thrive.

I Love this Divine message and I know that it’s true. We must honor and protect ourselves if we are to create our own sacred spaces in which we can thrive. That’s our job and never can be given from hurting humans outside of us. So stop going to them for your Love, your Honor or your Protection.

I also drew: To Illuminate or Enlighten

This is often a reason we find ourselves in dark situations. So that we may remember we are Infinite Source Love and Light, so that we remember to SHINE! If you pay attention to all the Mindfulness Mastery Blogs I have shared, all the inspiring ideas I’ve shared on Facebook or on my YouTube channel, it’s all about inspiring others from my own growth and evolution. Every painful situation we find ourselves in can be shared in an inspiring authentic way to Shine our Light outwardly to others. It’s healing to ourselves and can inspire healing in others.

My Intention is to embody an Illuminated state, to let my light shine and to trust that it is the energy I bring to everything I do that matters the most.

The next card I drew is titled Shape Shifting, all about Transformation. You see those hurtful things often occur so that we will choose to move in new Loving directions, and so that we will have the courage to shape shift and evolve ourselves.

My intention is to learn from all of nature and to shape-shift when I need qualities that are not yet a part of my self-expression.

Then I drew the Heavenly child card, a beautiful reminder that I AM One with Source God. Source God is my mother, my father, my friend, my Beloved. All the goodness I could ever conjure up and manifest is One with Source God. This is an important card to remind us to remain aligned within, regardless of what others “out there” are choosing to be.

We are all heavenly children. We came from Source, we will return to Source. We are Always, Always no matter how much WE choose to distort truth connected with Source. Our lives are a gift, an opportunity for us to play, create, act out and explore the unique and Awesome eternal Divinity that we are. We are powerful, we are Creators, we are Love, We are magical and we are manifesting and co-creating this purposeful life moment by sacred moment. We are the ones holding our power.

My intention is to pay as much attention to my inner world as I do the outer world. To allow myself to be the Magical child of Heaven that I AM.

The final card I drew is titled: Clearing, to absolve, to release. Such a fitting card offering confirmation of my choice to stop going around these hurtful, judgmental humans who have no idea how to offer unconditional Love, nurturing or care for me. I must do that for myself and I choose to move forward, accepting their choices and trusting that life has something better for me.

In order to truly clear an energy we must transmute the emotional and energetic cords that bind us to those other characters in our life movie. We have the power and ability to instantly sever, clear and release from another human being’s energy. Consciously severing ties doesn’t mean we can’t still Love that human or situation. The Love remains. We simply allow ourselves and the other to evolve in whatever ways are necessary as we move forward.

Simply imagine the cords that you feel pulling from within yourself dissolved and cleared. Imagine that pure Love & Light fill any spaces of void you sense within. You have the freedom to bleed out your energy in unhealthy relationships, or to reclaim your power as you cultivate Loving, honoring relationships.

My intention is to clear my being and my space of all detrimental energy and to replace that energy with Divine Love and Light.

I know that living with great awareness and mindfulness is necessary if we desire a peaceful, purpose-filled life. I know that there will be times we move in different directions from those we once attached ourselves to, and I know that evolution and self discovery is the reason we have come here. You are the director of your life’s movie and like any great director there will be moments you release actors from your film, moments you cut situations or environments out of your film. All a part of Creating a Masterpiece! Enjoy your journey and process.

Song playing at this time… I’m Yours by Jason Mraz give it a listen 🎶

Namaste 💞🙏💞 Tawnya Love & Source Oneness

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✨💗✨ Thank You for Sharing

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