Choosing to Love, Listen, Slow Down & the Incredible Healing Power of our Choices with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 162 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

By Tawnya Love

October 13th, 2018

Good Morning My Beloved Soul Family,

This morning I woke from a vivid dream in which I dreamt I was taking a new yoga class for the first time. As I was placing my shoes in the corner the teacher came over and asked me who I was and was asking me questions to get to know me. I told her I was also a yoga and mindfulness teacher, a healer and Spiritual Coach. She seemed excited in hearing that and said she’d love to talk with me more after class about my possibly teaching some classes there.

Soon after we all entered the yoga room and laid down our mats. As we got onto our knees to warm up a woman next to me starts sobbing and talking out loud. She was devastated from a recent breakup with her husband who had cheated on her. She was crying louder and I observed that no one would even look at her, let alone comfort her. I heard some mumbles from a group of women in the back regarding how rude this woman was being. I observed the teacher just teaching as if nothing was happening and I could feel her just wanting this woman to stop interrupting her class.

I knew then that no body here was going to help this woman. So I looked her deeply in her eyes and I asked if I could hug her? She seemed surprised to be offered this from a stranger, but she nodded her head yes as she cried. I moved closer to her and held her close as she fell into me sobbing. I could feel the others were no longer trying to ignore this situation and were watching us with curiosity.

I heard one woman say, “WOW that’s a shocker, she doesn’t let Anyone hug her, she’s Not a hugger!”

Then the woman I was comforting tried to pull away after hearing the comment. I pulled her closer to me and her sobs intensified. As I hugged her I started to whisper into her ear. I told her that I was so sorry she was in so much pain. I told her I was so sorry to hear that she had been mistreated. Then I reminded her that all of this was happening for her, rather than to her. She quieted down and I could feel her really Listening to me.

I shared with her that like her I had been betrayed by my husband in the past. And that I understood how deeply that could hurt. Then I offered her a new perspective on the situation, I helped her to see that life is always happening for us. That this was a fresh new moment for her to choose what she loved and what she wanted. That now she had the opportunity to release this person who refused to Love and Honor her. And that she had a new opportunity to attract a more suitable Loving relationship in which she could thrive and be happy.

Suddenly her crying died down and she just looked into my eyes. Searching for truth, I smiled and said that she didn’t have anything to worry about, that great new energies were on their way and that she not only deserved them but she would be greatly blessed by them.

She smiled thinking about what I said for a moment, then she thanked me. She said I had helped her pull her focus away from the pain and the problem. And that I helped her to see there was another direction she could place her focus. She liked this new direction of hope, Love and trust. She could now see the beauty of New possibilities.

She then sat down on her mat and the entire yoga class was staring at us. The teacher was crying and I could feel her remorse in trying to ignore this woman’s pain rather than supporting her through it. I smiled and bowed to them all and went back into my yoga pose. Then I woke up. ✨🧚‍♀️✨

The moral and message of this story is that we hold great power in supporting those who are suffering by Loving them rather than trying to ignore them (and this includes how we treat ourselves). And for those who are currently suffering, remember that you have All the power in how you choose to SEE your current life situation. You can view these situations from the distorted perspective that life is against you and suffer more. Or you can choose to consciously view this situation with curiosity from the perspective that All is happening for You. Choosing to See life from an Aligned perspective and remembering that You are deeply Loved and Supported at All moments. ✨💗✨

I feel this dream is for many of you to hear, process and receive. I know what makes me an incredible Wife, Mom, Healer, Coach, and Friend. It’s my Presence, my choice to deeply connect, listen and then respond to life as Love. WE ARE ALL ONE!

✨🙏✨ Namaste, Sweet Soul Family You Are All So Deeply Loved & Eternally Supported

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