Releasing our Inner Rage with Wayshower Tawnya Love

August 6th, 2019

Day 184 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Blessings Soul Family, today was an off day for me. Yes I am a positive, optimistic human and it’s my true nature to look for the beauty and goodness of life. However, today the outer collective energy had built up within me and a few triggers happened (intense triggers) and I had so much emotion needing to be released.

I spent the day in meditation just being with my deep in breath and my deep exhale. I had some old emotion rise up when a father-in-law from my past (who has just gotten out of prison for molesting a special needs child) suddenly decided to text me after 8 years of complete silence. And after his text he signed off with Love Dad. I felt a rage burning inside of my belly that shook me. I cried and released some of the energy and then calmed myself again with meditation.

Later this evening I went on a walk with my dog and William and I needed to express my emotions. So I started talking about my feelings on some things. I shared with him how I felt about this man suddenly writing to me again. And I felt RAGE!!! Pure potent Rage. Not my Normal self. Not my calm centered peaceful self. I felt like any second I was going to leap forward and shape shift into a ferocious lioness.

As I spoke my feelings I felt anger rising up so Hot and powerful. And I felt so much anger at the misaligned-masculine. The men who steal and sell children for their distorted fucking sexual pleasure. The men who dishonor women everyday through their words, actions, and non-actions. The cowardly men who watch while children and women are destroyed everyday. Pure RAGE!

Rage towards the insane and ignorant humans who only are here taking, raping, pillaging and destroying innocent life. My inner lioness wanted to rip these men apart and spit out their disgusting pieces upon the Earth they are destroying every day.

Rage towards the ignorant humans that choose to overkill our beautiful animals and forests. No peace only Rage. And as I continued to share my feelings and the rage grew and grew I began sobbing so hard I could hardly breathe. All the pain of these hateful acts that you insane and ignorant humans continue to project came pouring out of me.

In that moment a part of me wanted to leave this insane place where ignorance and hate rule. For this is no place for the Angelic. And so I cried and cried until the snot filled my nostrils and I could barely breathe. And I realized then that I was assisting in releasing all of your hate, your pain and your grief humanity. Perhaps that’s why the Angels are here watching your dark acts day in and day out.

And after a long cry I took a deep centering breath and felt so much better in having released all that pain for you humanity. The feminine needs the masculine to RISE Up. We are counting on you men. Have the courage to face yourselves, to see who you’re choosing to be in every sacred moment. The Earth needs your awareness and she needs it Now!

For those of you feeling the Rage, the Pain, the Confusion, the Deep Unexplainable Sadness I Feel You, I AM One with You. You are Not Alone. Ohh WE are Never Alone…Every hateful act one of you chooses We All Feel it. And for every Loving choice one of you chooses…We All Feel that too.

We can BE Better humanity. We Must BE Better. Our future depends upon it. I encourage each of you to slow down, BE Still and Remember that you are One. Feel your emotions, stop suppressing them and find a healthy way to release.

Time for a deep restful nights sleep until I am called back to Serve.

Namaste ✨🙏✨ Tawnya Love and the Angels


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