Tools for Alignment with Wayshower Tawnya Love

August 8th, 2019

Day 185 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Greetings Beloved Soul Family, I’m FEELING Amazing Today and a couple of days ago I was FEELING Angry. So Angry. What did I do to Come back into my natural alignment?

I honored the energy that was arising. I accepted it, felt it, processed it, Loved it, and then released it. I also observed it, and learned more about myself.

I did Not attempt to suppress it, shame it, judge it or throw it at anyone else. It’s energy guys…it’s Not who we are. Remember to work with it. ✨👌✨

Energy moves and flows for important reasons and each of us are attracting a particular energy into our lives Right Now. Not because we’re good or because we’re bad. But because it’s what we are calling Forth to help us grow, awaken, remember and Evolve with.

Our natural state is Unconditional Love. We are High Vibrational Beings Naturally. At moments we may get a bit too serious, or a bit caught up in another Creator’s drama and Bam we FEEL the hit. We FEEL the descent in vibration (don’t we)? So the Source Wisdom Warrior within myself wanted to share this little helpful list with all of you. Enjoy 🙏

Things that lower our vibration are:

*Getting too serious about Anything
*Taking another’s choice in behavior personally
*Making our lives or our life work too important (serious)
*Choosing to observe Anything with Judgment (Now don’t confuse Judgment with Discernment)
*Suppressing Energy
*Projecting that which we do Not want to observe within ourselves onto another
*Shaming, Blaming or Hating anything including ourselves

Magical things we can do to Come Back into our Naturally High Vibration:

*BE Present
*Accept All Energy that arises in the Now (yes even anger and rage)
*Observe yourself and all life with Love and Compassion
*Express and Release rather than Suppressing & Holding
*BE Honest with yourself and others
*Laugh more…make it your practice to relax and Not take this movie of life so seriously…Enjoy it!
*Play more
*Sing, Hum, and Dance from your own inner music
*Bathe everything you observe in Love, Gratitude and Appreciation✨ (MAGICAL)✨
*Forgive yourself and others as many times as needed…Say You are Sorry and shift behavior patterns
*Pay attention to How Everything makes you feel (foods, drinks, environments, people) When something or someone Feels heavy… choose to go higher. Self Love Always ✨👌✨
*Practice Daily Discernment (this is Not the same thing as Judgment, remember the difference)
*Love 💗 Love 💗 Love 💗 ohh and LOVE some more 😘💗✨

✨🙏✨ Namaste, Tawnya Love 💋

✨Thank You For Choosing LOVE 💗Thank You for Sharing this Message✨

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