Today’s Angelic Auric Clearing Experience

WOW!!!! What an amazing auric clearing today. I felt led to share this experience with you all as I feel many will feel a deep connection. It is always so fun for me to blast open, well it was actually more gentle than that…but to encourage an opening of the moon roof of the mind. I LOVE assisting clients with higher information and helping them to SEE clearly the energetic patterns of their misaligned experiences so that they can shift them into alignment and joy.

Today was AWESOME this beautiful gentle soul was so open and so ready to shift. I received so much inner knowing about her and I could tell she was amazed by all I knew from connecting with her energy. I am also growing to trust more and more how much I truly do know. I often am very gentle to share for example if a client has been sexually abused because I want to feel them out and make sure they are open and ready to KNOW the truth. Today I was gently sharing messages and allowing this client to share confirmation as she did I told her how I was mindful of sharing slowly. She thanked me and when I then went on to tell her what the angels had shown me and told me she began to cry as these messages were complete truth. She confessed to me that she has Never told anyone about this, not her mother or her husband No one!

What a weight to carry for ones entire life. I felt so honored to assist her and help her with this clearing as I know it will be so empowering and liberating for her. As we were connecting in regards to her mother, I felt her mothers spirit come in and she was filled with grief for having not protected her daughter. I felt like I was going to cry because her energy was so intense. I shared with her daughter the messages her mother wanted to connect with her on so she could move on in peace. What a beautiful moment! I am beyond words honored to have assisted this beautiful soul today…Huge shifts are occurring within her and we both knew her angels guided her to me for a very important reason. I am so thankful for my angles and for my beautiful and powerful gifts that I share with all who are ready to transform into greater alignment…Life is Miraculous and beautiful in deed 
I am feeling so blessed and honored~

Please let me know if I may be of spiritual assistance to you or a loved one in any way. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤


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