The Power of Presence

Greetings beautiful Ascending souls,


Today the angels have inspired me to communicate with each of you on the Power of Presence. We understand and see that many of you are still awakening to understanding this ascension process unfolding within your consciousness and we would like to explain in deeper ways of clarity at this time. As humans experience chaos and confusion you often wish to find something “Out there” to fix it. The deep desire for a magical cure to make all external chaos simply go away. Yet we would love to help you to understand that your are all blessed with the gift of freewill upon your planet, therefore you are given the gift of choice. With this freedom of choice comes great power and as each of you awaken to this power that comes from your soul rather than a seeking of external power that comes from your goals and plans you will understand.

We encourage you to each understand that your gift of presence is incredibly powerful. Often this simple presence is overlooked and missed by those of you chasing things externally. And this chase is also a choice, you are blessed with so many choices. Yet there is another choice, the choice of simply BEING the choice of showing up fully with your presence and full awareness. As you choose to BE present during all moments of your life, you will notice quickly how beautiful and peaceful life truly can be. Judgment is allowed to drop away and create space for observation and presence. Love is birthed in these still moment’s of presence.

As you choose to spend time in quiet meditation and allow inner stillness you will notice that deep feelings of peace arrive in your space of presence. As you practice this daily time of stillness your feelings of peace will seem to expand. We encourage you all to spend time daily in stillness and consciously connect with your Source. Just BE, allow, listen and feel the great Love and Peace within gently guiding you in new ways of living. Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels


For those of you who are local I invite you to come enjoy weekly meditation time with us Every Wednesday evening from 6-8 PM As well as Every Saturday at 12:00 PM for Yoga and Meditation. I will also be offering a life changing Soul Shifting Essence of Yoga Teacher Training from Nov-Jan for more information contact Tawnya Love at


We also invite you to join us Live Every Monday at 4:00 PM Pacific for our beautiful empowering conscious conversations on The Tawnya Love Show please log in at and use any name you’d like as your log in (if you wish to remain anonymous just use a nickname) You are also encouraged to call in live with any questions, comments or testimonials.


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