Time to RISE & SHINE!!!!

Wow what an interesting vivid clear dream! I LOVE when I wake up and Source uploads the topic for our show that morning. Talk about living in trust, which is a big aspect of what I am to share today. The literal words that flowed onto my consciousness right as I awakened where: Time to Rise! Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Love. I had a vivid dream of a woman who had been betrayed by a man she loved…disappointed in Love. She tore up the hotel room they were planning to spend the night in and I was counseling her about this situation. I told her that I had great compassion for her as I had also had my share of disappointments I life. I shared with her how life is always changing and for ever evolving and moving us forward in some way. Sometimes we welcome that flow, sometimes we ignore the subtle messages and the lessons feel harsh.


Sometimes life seems disappointing like we are all alone in the world and life is against us, and none of our plans are working out. I promise you that as you shift your focal point on living in trust, the first step is trusting that this expanded universe has a very important plan for YOU…YES YOU!
You will begin to SEE that life is and will always and forever bring us greater awareness and understanding as well as the opportunity for greater expansion. I have learned it is not what happens to us that matters most, it’s what we do with what happens to us. It’s who we choose to become from all that has happened to us that helps us Rise or keeps us down…Every day we are all given new opportunities to choose, so choose well and RISE!

goddess rising

Know who you are and be aware of the importance of Self Worth, Self Esteem and Self Love. Own your life and at the same time trust and honor the flow and just watch the magical places you’ll go…Welcome to the land of infinite possibility~ Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels

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