Permission to SHINE w Messenger for Spirit Tawnya Love

Day 60 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

March 23rd, 2017

It’s that Beautiful, Magical, Energizing time of the year…Spring is here!!! As I relax and allow these Channeled words of wisdom to flow through me the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the daffodils are smiling as they reach towards the sun! Life is Explosive and Energizing within & without and I’m completely happy and grateful to BE Alive.

There’s just something special about Springtime, something so Sacred as we move and flow forward with New life. Fresh New green foliage erupting upon branches, buds ready to burst forth with color. It’s just Magical I tell you and I absolutely Adore every bit of it!

As I observe the trees just doing what trees do, I feel joy and excitement and eagerness to see the show. I look around me and I see Nature celebrating, commanding our attention, “Hey Check this out! Look at these flowers baby,” nature is Not ashamed to be seen. Nature is not sitting in anxiety afraid of what the other trees will think if we Shine! Nope that’s all human ego. Human ego to be very blunt and honest SUCKS! Sucks the joy, the fun, and the magic out of Everything! Life Celebrates. Life Shines. Life Expands. 

As a woman growing and thriving here on planet Earth I see myself as One with Mother Nature. I Love & Adore her and I feel she Loves and Adores me too, we are tight! Now when it comes to other humans, and let me be crystal clear–other humans still very much identified with their judgmental egoic minds–it’s a very different situation. 
I observe so many humans especially women that soooo want to SHINE and yet because they won’t give themselves permission to SHINE they judge the shit out of you if you do. What’s this all about? I know myself. I truly feel good in my own skin. I Love myself and I truly Love and want goodness for my soul sisters. So why do I FEEL so many of my sisters judging my shine? Trust me, I’m incredibly sensitive and empathic and if you’re​ smiling at me while judging the shit out of me…I FEEL it! 

What’s sad to me is that this insanity of the ego and its need to compete and compare with ourselves and others destroys every sacred relationship. It’s pretty much impossible to be real, authentic and vulnerable with one another when we’re Freaking competing the whole time. The sad part is for a loving Empath like myself I truly Love You and Care about You, even when I FEEL you doing that ego thing you do…I truly do. And yet I also understand why You cannot truly Love and Care about me. I understand it, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy it. I accept others where they are. And yet my soul longs for deeper, soulful, Loving, honoring co-creative friendships with soul sisters who can be authentic, honest, playful, joyous, vulnerable and Loving with themselves and with others, without the need to compete and out do each other. 
I find it exhausting trying to do the dance with women to gain their trust and acceptance while Feeling their lack of kindness, care or compassion. I see myself like this Beautiful Daffodil flower. I AM me, I AM here, I AM thriving, SHINING and I Love Life. All I ask is for others to do the same. Simply BE You, choose to thrive, SHINE and Love life…BE here fully with me. Please Don’t compete with me, please Don’t compare to me…Just Love me for me as I Love You for You.

Your heart will tell You the truth, Your heart will tell you to SHINE, to thrive, to Love, to play, to connect, to trust and to open yourself up to life…Your ego, Not so much. Your ego will tell you to compete, compare, out do, prove, dominate, submit, suffocate, ignore, push down, and continuously keep searching for more because this couldn’t possibly be good enough. Yup, we All have an important choice to make moment by moment, day by day. Do we feed our hungry ego or nurture our wounded hearts and choose to Heal? 
This Choice is Yours to make, and this choice is Incredibly Important to Your Happiness, connection with yourself, with life and with one another. I’m hoping many of You will join me here in this Sacred Space of Oneness, Kindness, Compassion and Connection. But if not, I’ll just enjoy the beauty and magic I FEEL with Mother Nature I’ll BE fine either way!

Enjoy this Healing Affirmation repeat often throughout the day until you FEEL it is your New Truth πŸ’–

πŸ’– Blessings & Namaste Tawnya Love & the Angels πŸ’–
May You All BE Free of Egoic suffering, May You All Shine Brightly, May You All Love Yourselves and one another, May You All BE Free!!! πŸ¦‹

Flowers Don’t compete and compare with each other they just Blossom…Can’t WE as humans live as simply and wisely as flowers? 🌺

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