The Path of Kindness w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 61 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

March 25th, 2017

There is a gift that Spirit has blessed us All with in great Abundance, the gift of kindness. Each and every one of us has the ability to show up in every moment, every life situation with a gift of kindness. During this morning’s Yoga class spirit brought this awareness through. It truly costs​ us Nothing to share kindness. And when we offer kindness to others, both giver and receiver benefit greatly. Friendships blossom, trust is established, Love grows. 
And yet how often do we find ourselves withholding kindness? How often do you find yourself so quickly judging another rather than seeking to understand? How often do you quickly decide that someone is below you, or less than worthy? Who says that another is unworthy of your time, your presence, your kindness…? Your​ Ego, that’s who. That Little liar!

The first step in living in the Alignment of Love is the awareness that we have been falling short of just that. No need to judge yourself for the rude comment you made about that stranger, just catch it and bring awareness. Now choose higher this time. No need to judge yourself when you’ve had hours of negative dialogue​ running through your mind about yourself or another. Just catch it, “Wow look at how negative I’ve been, okay let me change that.” Then consciously focus your thoughts on something positive, choose to focus on what you’re​ Grateful for in yourself and in others. I promise you, this simple practice will change your life and bless others lives in amazing ways and it will bring you ease.

It’s really pretty simple to choose Love, yet it is a choice, a choice your ego will strongly convince you to avoid so watch out for that sneaky, nasty ‘lil ego. 

Throughout your day observe how present you really are with your own needs. Now notice how present you are with others. So often we may loose consciousness and not even be aware how others feel because of our actions. When someone texts you a question, take a moment to really connect with them; heck, maybe even pick up that phone and call them like in the good ol’ days when we took the time to actually communicate. Ask them if they are clear and understand your perspective. Take the time to be present, to be clear, to be kind and to be Loving. Kindness is free for all of us, there is no shortage except for the shortage we choose to give. 

Next time someone asks you a question, slow down, be patient and present and help the other without focusing on your own busy-ness. So often I observe humans that are in such a hurry. Their ego tells them there isn’t enough time, there isn’t enough something. When we believe in the lying ego we suffer, we hurry, we push and shove our way through life. We harm others, we hurt feelings, we burn Bridges and we miss more opportunities to Love. We Lose!
Why are so many humans so unkind? I can tell you it all begins with ourselves. If we are being unkind to ourselves, not caring for our own needs, not listening to our own hearts and bodies needs, not slowing down. It will be very difficult for us to slow down and offer kindness to others. So our first step is to practice Self Love right here, right now. Slowwww downnn! Truly, when we slow down we’re much more present, much more aware. And we’re happier.

I’ve observed so many humans pushing, ignoring, and withholding kindness. From neighbors, to yoga teachers, from family to strangers, from Doctors to Ministers I’ve observed so many humans that are in a race with time and in that race I observe humans hurting humans again and again with very little awareness. It’s just not necessary–there is a higher, Loving way! 

What my heart knows for sure, is that if we decide to STOP this insane race with time, if we choose to Slow the heck down and arrive in this Now Moment right here, things will shift. If we decide that Self-Love is our highest priority and if we honor our own bodies, hearts and spirits it will feel natural to show honor to others. It’s a choice my friends, and it’s an important choice because choosing to Love ourselves and choosing to Love others is a gift we give to ourselves and others that grows.
Let us be mindful that we’re showing Love and honor to All Life. Not just to the people you’re trying to get money or approval from, not just to the people you feel are worthy according to your very judgemental ego… Kindness and Love to All Life! Got it? 

My heart hopes that as you’re Receiving this Divinely Inspired Message, that a beautiful shift will ignite within yourself and that Love will be your highest priority and focus today and every day. Because Love is truly All WE NEED!!!
Infinite blessings, Tawnya Love & the Angels 🦋

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  1. Brittany · March 31, 2017

    That really helps. I’ve been getting the message to slow down for a while. 🙂

    • Tawnya Angel · April 1, 2017

      Beautiful Awareness 💖 So Important to listen Love. Blessings to you 🦋

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