Gratitude: The Bridge to All You Desire w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 62 of 365 Days of Mindfulness
By Tawnya Love & the Angels

April 2, 2017

What are you Grateful for right now? Take a moment to close your eyes and soften your gaze inward, FEEL your inner body enjoy being fully Present. Simply choosing to soften our gaze, to soften our breath and to arrive fully in this moment right here we can discover so much joy. We soon realize that joy is Not something we achieve “out there,” but rather a gift that is always available for us right here within ourselves. 

We all have goals, desires and dreams that we’d Love to manifest, right? Wanna know a secret to help you manifest your goals with ease and grace? It’s all about Gratitude! 

Truly, as we begin to choose our thoughts consciously in the direction of Gratitude we ignite the fires of creation. When we focus on what we Love, what excites us, what fills us with joy, we become powerful manifesting magnets for good. Contrastly, if we are unconscious of our thoughts and we allow those thoughts to build & build with a focus upon the negetive, we will become Powerful Manifesting magnets for the negetive. What’s so awesome is WE get to choose! No other person can “make” you choose your next thoughts. Only You choose. 
I am here to Inspire and Encourage You to choose more consciously, more joyously, and more mindfully. Why do I care? Because I understand the power of gratitude and I know how much this shift changed my life for the better. So I truly Love sharing any wisdom that works, so that everyone of us can be joyous. Others being happy fills me with even more joy.

Now, the first thing we must be mindful of is the fact that maybe there are times we get lost in our thoughts. Maybe there are times we are harping and complaining, judging and shaming. And maybe, just maybe you’re​ ready to shake this old habit off and begin anew? 
If you’re​ not ready, that’s okay. Own it. Bring awareness in and realize that Your choosing to focus on the negetive, that is not about anyone else, that’s Your choice. Let go of any need to blame another for your choices. Let go of the need to dump on other happy humans just because you refuse to change your unconscious habits. Focus on Yourself, focus on Self Love and let others BE who they are…What do ya say? Ready to play? 

When we are Incredibly unhappy we feel justified in blaming, judging, and shaming others for their actions. There is really no power here for you. The only thing you truly do have power over is Your own thoughts, your own choices, your own creations. So if someone is Joyously sharing happy uplifting advice on Facebook or on their blog, let them Shine! No need whatsoever to try and dim their shine or trip them up because you refuse to focus on the positive! Make sense? Ask yourself, how does my lashing out and blaming others Make me feel? Am I adding Love into the world or more pain? Bring awareness to your actions.
I say this because every now and then I’m amazed to discover someone is reporting me for my heartfelt messages. Or someone lashes out with hateful words. It’s always a shocker; however, I know better than to take these Energies personally. Other people choosing to lash out and be nasty is about THEM, not me. So if you’re​ a Lover of life like me, keep SHINING Baby!!! Those haters will get over it eventually and Remember it’s not even about you–that hate is all about them, their fear, their pain, their judgments.

Your practice…If you choose to accept it, is to remain Conscious this week. To observe your thoughts, notice if they tend to go in heavy, painful like, fearful directions. Release any need to judge yourself or others for that matter. Just noticing and bringing awareness is the first step in positive transformation. BE playful, BE peaceful, BE Present! Breathe in all the Love, Breathe out all your fear. 
Happy Shifting Beautiful Soul’s

💖 Tawnya Love & the Angels

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