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Greetings beautiful rising soul family,

just a quick invitation to join us today (Sunday) Live at 5 PM Pacific on as we ignite a powerful soul conversation on the importance of taking our Divine power back. If you have been struggling in any way in owning your divine power then I highly encourage you to claim this sacred soul time and join our live conversation today!

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The Power of Presence

Greetings beautiful Ascending souls,


Today the angels have inspired me to communicate with each of you on the Power of Presence. We understand and see that many of you are still awakening to understanding this ascension process unfolding within your consciousness and we would like to explain in deeper ways of clarity at this time. As humans experience chaos and confusion you often wish to find something “Out there” to fix it. The deep desire for a magical cure to make all external chaos simply go away. Yet we would love to help you to understand that your are all blessed with the gift of freewill upon your planet, therefore you are given the gift of choice. With this freedom of choice comes great power and as each of you awaken to this power that comes from your soul rather than a seeking of external power that comes from your goals and plans you will understand.

We encourage you to each understand that your gift of presence is incredibly powerful. Often this simple presence is overlooked and missed by those of you chasing things externally. And this chase is also a choice, you are blessed with so many choices. Yet there is another choice, the choice of simply BEING the choice of showing up fully with your presence and full awareness. As you choose to BE present during all moments of your life, you will notice quickly how beautiful and peaceful life truly can be. Judgment is allowed to drop away and create space for observation and presence. Love is birthed in these still moment’s of presence.

As you choose to spend time in quiet meditation and allow inner stillness you will notice that deep feelings of peace arrive in your space of presence. As you practice this daily time of stillness your feelings of peace will seem to expand. We encourage you all to spend time daily in stillness and consciously connect with your Source. Just BE, allow, listen and feel the great Love and Peace within gently guiding you in new ways of living. Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels


For those of you who are local I invite you to come enjoy weekly meditation time with us Every Wednesday evening from 6-8 PM As well as Every Saturday at 12:00 PM for Yoga and Meditation. I will also be offering a life changing Soul Shifting Essence of Yoga Teacher Training from Nov-Jan for more information contact Tawnya Love at


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Synchronicity & Serendipity the language of the Universe

Greetings beautiful souls. I hope this message finds you all healthy, happy and aligned with your Source. We send you great Love and Light at this time to illuminate your chosen path and direction. Ever have one of those days where everything in the universe seems to be aligned for your highest well-being? One of those days where things just magically fall into place for you, the doors are held wide open for you, gifts and abundance show up at the perfect divine time, support and helpers arrive just when you need them to? This can be called many things Synchronicity, Serendipity, and destiny to name a few. For some of us this is an occasional experience, maybe we are lucky enough to enjoy a few times during our lives. Yet for other’s, those who have unlocked important wisdom and understand the laws of the universe, this is a daily experience. Experiencing miracles and magic and synchronicity are in truth our natural state of being. And I am here to express from my hearts deepest truth that this way of life is available for us all, if we align and listen.

I have always loved the magical moments and absolutely loved the syncronistic moments that arrived to surprise and delight me. I LOVED them! Yet they seemed to flow in and then out again just a swiftly. However, now after much life experience of living the contrast I understand how to stay connected with the universal flow.  I have learned the importance of our vibration and our own alignment with Source. This Alignment is Key to experiencing magic and miracles and it is the most natural thing we were born to BE…The trick is to realize and awaken from the fact that we as humans have been conditioned to betray our own alignment, we have been conditioned to live in lack and in fear. We have been conditioned to doubt and to try to control the flow from fear and this lifelong conditioning has caused us great suffering.

I am here to shine the light for those who are ready to choose another way, the aligned, magical, syncronistic way! Living a flowing free LOVE filled and LOVE inspired life is your natural state, it is your souls highest calling…But YOU must choose it! Our first step is to awaken and be honest with the fact that we have been trying to control the universe from a vibration and frequency of fear. This lower vibration will only continue to bring us more fearful, stressful, lackful situations and experiences.  For us to realign with the magic and miracles, for us to reignite the passion and purpose of our soul, we must go higher!

What does higher look like? Or more importantly what does higher FEEL like? Higher always FEELS Higher 🙂 Truly its a higher vibration, it feels loving, it feels hopeful, it feels exciting, it is a space of ease and grace and allowing. If you begin a daily practice of simply allowing, simply releasing resistance and stepping into alignment you will awaken and you let go! You surrender to the universal flow and you allow the infinite powers of the universe to support and provide for you abundantly in the perfect way. 

Synchronicity happens

Simply spending 20-30 min a day in meditation and entering a space of ease will start to swiftly shift your vibration to a vibration of having, to a frequency of alignment and the magic and the syncronicity will flow powerfully in your direction. You will start to manifest your true goals dreams and desires and it will be very playful, magical and fun.

Truth is, the universe has always been communicating with you and has always sent you signs and guidance, you just weren’t open, you weren’t paying attention. Now you can. Now is the time for great shifts. Now is your moment to step in let go and listen…Are you ready?

Join me live tomorrow (Monday at 4 PM Pacific) on TheTawnyaLoveShow.Com as we discuss the power and magic of syncronicity! I look forward to sharing a few of my beautiful magical moments with you all, my beautiful syncronistic loving moments…Especially the story of how my beloved man and I were brought into each others lives. I Love and Adore you Ron! 

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤

For those of you who FEEL the universe has led you into my life, and you FEEL you’re ready to shift away from fear and lack…Contact me and let’s begin a beautiful conversation in assisting you into your highest alignment and vibration…I am ready to joyously assist and serve you…Are you ready to listen and choose new choices?  Remote sessions are available via Skype or phone call…Your Move!

For fun go watch the movie Serendipity I love that movie…another great one is August Rush, enjoy!

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Honor Thy Healer


Honor thy Healer


Speaking from my heart as Source is guiding me to speak up on an important topic…All humans are worthy of Love, respect and support now I understand that many of you are not understanding this for yourselves so it makes sense that you will struggle to value others when you are not in alignment with your own Source. Here’s the deal all of you that are receiving abundance have choices of where you give and how you honor or with hold honor from another. Now each of you know that if you go to the mall and want to purchase a $100.00 pair of shoes you must pay the store $100.00 correct?…and if you go to Starbucks you pay $10-20 whatever your bill is correct? If you get your car fixed, or go to the chiropractor you pay their fee because this is how each of these humans and businesses receives abundance from the universe.

Now if you ask to have a healing session that is healing and bringing your very soul into alignment…Why would you think you should receive this help and assistance of 3-4 hours of healing, wisdom and soul connecting for free? Healers have great value and deserve to be paid their asking rate for sessions Period!

I have been getting too many taker energies coming in lately wanting it all for free…I care deeply about all of you and I thank you all for appreciating the miraculous healing assistance I am here to provide…it is valuable, my time is valuable, my gifts are valuable, I AM Valuable…so thank you for hearing this message and honoring me, it is my highest intention to inspire you all to start to truly value the healers in your lives…Go hug and honor a healer today THEY DESERVE IT! I am here to teach you how to fish, not give you the fish. Big picture this will serve you all

I always work with clients with payment plans or whatever needs to be done…HONOR ME FOR THIS do not contact me again if your intention is to take advantage of my generosity and kindness…I Am here to assist those who honor, value and appreciate my gifts and bless me abundantly for the assistance I so lovingly provide.

I LOVE when I am honored for my time, energy and healing gifts it is AWESOME! Thank you Universe for shifting this all into alignment for my highest well-being.


For those of you who can feel my alignment and would like to do your work with a trusted mentor, contact me and let’s begin your intuitive Soul Coaching, Angelic Auric Clearing, Angel Readings, Past Life regression work Today! Thank you for your honor, and your heartfelt testimonials and client referrals of friends, co workers and family I will honor each of you with a $50 discount off your Angelic Auric Clearing sessions for every client you refer to work with me. Win-Win

Infinite Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels 


The Mother/Father Complex

goddess rising

Greetings Beautiful soul’s Please come and connect with us Live today at 4 PM Pacific time on The Tawnya Love Show each and every Monday at 4 PM. Today we will discuss the Mother/Father complex and how living with awareness and freedom can shift your entire human experience in miraculous ways. Call or write in live today with your heartfelt testimonials and questions…Looking forward to connecting with you today at 4 PM.


Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤

Happy Mothers Day to ALL

Contact me when you are ready for inner child healing and profound quantum shifts in consciousness

Spiritual Alignment for Health, Wealth and Happiness

Spiritual Alignment for Health, Wealth and Abundance

From Our space of alignment, all beneficial behavior will be inspired; in this space beautiful things will unfold and flow with great ease. The more at ease we feel, the less resistance we attach ourselves to, the more easily our energy naturally flows. In this space of ease, your cells of your body find perfect health and balance.

When we are Not in alignment with Source,  we can still use will power to Make things happen and motivate ourselves into action, however this is often unpleasant and not as efficient a way to channel and direct our energy. This way of Making things happen is relatively unproductive and often exhausting.

It is Truth that once you discover the the leverage that alignment offers-and the ease of flowing and allowing available for each of you-you will turn from ever wanting to Make it happen again.  There is a Huge difference in allowing your natural well-being and Making yourself well.

auric clearing

As you allow the natural rhythm that consistent alignment offers you, you will notice how you naturally FEEL better physically, how you naturally have great energy flowing in to support your goals dreams and desires.  You will notice a shift in your natural enthusiasm and passion for life.  You will notice how you naturally FEEL more active and desire flow, rather than trying to be more active to get things done. But rather allowing the passion and energy to move through you inspiring you into action because you want to take action, not because you FEEL you have to.  All prior feelings of being overwhelmed and Making things happen, all FEELINGS of struggle will fall away and New FEELINGS of Passion and Excitement and Eagerness will flow in. You will no longer FEEL so exhausted that you feel you constantly have to rest and recharge, you will passionately FEEL ignited with passion to GET OUT INTO THE WORLD!!!

Moment by moment, day by day, as you release all resistance, you will reconnect with the passion and energy you were born to embody. As your spirit lifts and your physical stamina and energy improves-the very cells within your body will be thriving as well.

This New FEEL GOOD attitude will not only be an indication of the improvement in your physical body-it is the very reason for the shift. The Better and happier you FEEL, the less hindrance you are to your cellular body.

Most humans have it backward. Most want to FEEL good in their body so that then they can finally be happy. But in truth the secret is to BE Happy NOW-no matter the condition of your body- and then the physical well-being must flow to you and through you!

Please contact me if your ready to work with a Intuitive healer and Soul Coach that is committed to assisting you back into your power and natural alignment with ease and grace!

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and The Angels ❤



Top 5 reasons You are NOT manifesting your goals dreams and desires


Here are some of the Top 5 Reasons YOU are NOT manifesting the life of your dreams.

*We humans are constantly talking about how hard it is. I hear client’s daily express…”life is hard!” “Change is so hard” “healing is so difficult or challenging” or “it’s always been this way…this is reality”
Time to Drop the script of talking about what isn’t working and how hard it is…time to shift to a more positive thought flow and focus on what IS working and what we DO LOVE and what we ARE ready to call forth into our new reality!

*Humans have an obsession and need to constantly research the negative. We want to gather everything we can about disease and disaster. We love as a society to focus on what’s wrong.

Great miracles await all of you who shift your focal point to what’s right! When we focus on what’s working we are drawing more of this alignment into our lives.

The opposite of lack is abundance. The opposite of sickness is health. Both of these realities are available for each of us at all times. It is where we hold our focus that is NOW powerfully being attracted into our lives.

*most of us are not present were not really here. The power we seek lies here in this NOW moment! When we are not present we lose power and focus. We often are in robot mode simply reacting to situations rather than observing and choosing from the power of our presence.

We discover that everything we need is right here in the infinite NOW when we hold our focus and bring our consciousness to this timeless Now


*We as humans love to define things and then put what we know in lil boxes and label them as Fact. By claiming we know it all we actually limit and restrict our infinite possibilities. If we cling to what is absolute fact we leave little room for mystery and magic and the new to flow in.

As a healer I have often encountered humans who are struggling. As their angels bring in new wisdom they say “Tawnya I know this stuff I have read every spiritual book”. All they are doing is blocking wisdom and new information to flow in because they Know it already…yet they are struggling.

Wisdom guides us to take in information in the now. To be willing to release anything that is not longer serving us even our egos need to feel we know it all. You may have many degrees and certificates, stacks of books yet be mindful that all you KNOW is not blocking new wisdom and information from flowing in to assist you.

*Our minds are incredibly powerful. We can often create something outside of our minds to be more powerful. Therefore it’s vital that as we call in the new and infinite we open our minds to believe and expect the miracles to arrive. If we believe all this calling forth miracles is crap! That this is spiritual woo woo then YOU will attract evidence to prove your limited viewpoint.

However when we stay open and present to the infinite miracles. With our held focus upon miracles we will attract evidence of infinite blessings and abundance

YOU are powerful YOU yes YOU are so worthy and deserving. And your new reality that you’re calling in now…is 100% up to YOUR focus belief and expectations

If you’re ready to work with a loving intuitive soul coach who truly cares for you. Contact me and let’s set up a life shifting session. I have packages available here on my website.


Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤


Join us tomorrow and Every Monday at 4:00 PM Pacific time for The Tawnya Love Show we will discuss healthy aligned relationships that begin with you and your alignment with Source. And how t maintain this alignment and inspire shifts in your family and friends.  Write or call in live with comments, questions and testimonials. Blessings Tawnya Love ❤


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