Law of Attraction Abundance Workshop with Tawnya Love


Okay powerful souls who out there is ready for more abundance? More aligned loving generous friends and clients? Who of you are DONE with struggling and lack? Are you ready to open yourself to great shifts in consciousness? Have you suffered enough? Are you ready to drop the ego and the victim consciousness?

If you answered yes to all of most of these questions then make the effort to claim time This Saturday from 4-7 PM and come join us for some powerful cellular shifting during our Healing mentorship workshop with the angels guiding us.

we will discuss not only the Laws of Attraction and how your own limited belief systems are affecting your so called reality. But we will also go deeply into some inner mirror work one on one and get deep into old cellular memories that come from childhood and perhaps past lives that you are still struggling with vibrationally…time for profound powerful shifts that will Shift your life in new positive abundant directions?

the STOP with the excuses, STOP with the drama, STOP with the procrastination and Get over here open and ready to look deeply into yourself and Shift it all for the better! You’ve got this! But YOU must choose to look in and clear the old to make space for the new.

Please message me if you will be attending this workshop ASAP 360.567.7576 Please invite friends and family you know could benefit from this time with spirit. Thank you for your referrals and your trust Now allow me to serve you in miraculous ways~

208 NE 117th street Vancouver, WA 98685

Bring a journal and pen and dress comfy

Infinite Blessings are awaiting you, Tawnya Love and the Angels

Skype is available


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